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Posted Jan 14 2010 12:00am

Well hello world!

I am Meredith, a (very) recent college graduate in the midst of embarking on a new lifestyle. In the past year I have lost 60 lbs and I’m still going (I still have a while to go). I have been keeping a private blog through the WW server (I started using WW online in August to supplement my weight loss efforts) and was inspired by other blogs I read to move mine into the public.
Today I had a realization during a not-so-good run. Why am I setting goals like “today I want to run ____ miles!” and then getting upset and down on myself when I can’t complete them? How is that productive? So today I make an improved fitness goal: to sweat every day. Unless I am physically incapable of exercise (like in bed sick or in Antarctica) I will do something that contributes to my personal fitness. I know that rest is a part of a fitness routine, so even if my sweat-inducing activity of the day is a brisk walk with the puppy or 20 minutes of flow yoga, it is something to bring oxygen to all my parts and to bring clarity to my brain.
I will share with you my fitness and my food. I think food is a big part of fitness and over the years I had developed a bad relationship with food. Now that I’m changing my lifestyle, I am changing my relationship with food. Some days I eat wonderful, filling, healthy food. And some days I give into my weaknesses and eat too much pizza and beer with friends. But you will see it all. And putting it out in public like this really makes me accountable to myself and to you readers (are you out there?). I will probably double-post a lot of stuff with WW, so if you follow that blog too there won’t be much new information on this one. But I can post more than one picture per post on this server so they may be more combined posts and not a separate one for each meal.
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