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First week circuit training down..

Posted Feb 19 2010 10:38pm
Hey! How has everyone’s week been? Super busy I'm sure! I finished up my first week of circuit training and I'm loving it. I was really incredibly sore (which I love!) I took today off since my legs were really tired. I'm trying to somewhat stay on a schedule, aiming for 6 days a week but will allow for a rest day when needed.

My new favorite thing ever though…?


The foam roller! 

I have never used this before and I cannot even tell you why not. Its amazing!! Its hurts a bit at first but after using just even a couple of times I could really feel the difference in my back and legs. Highly recommend it for sore muscles! I love rolling out on the floor while watching a movie at night.

The eats for the day consisted of plenty of lentils! Im on a super lentil kick..


Roasted beets, zucchini, squash and lentils. I made a quick dressing with horseradish mustard, apple cider vinegar, stevia and plenty of Italian seasoning.


So good!

Dinner was a quick egg white omelet, veggies and some marinara sauce and parm.


I've been trying to adjust my diet and bit and just stick to proteins and veggies. Which is mainly what I eat anyways but I have to try and give up my beloved cereal (just a bit anyways!) I always get hungry at night for some reason and was told protein was a better snack before bed since it feeds the muscles. Thoughts?
So I swapped my cereal and ended up eating some greek yogurt with cocoa powder. This was ssssooo good! I added 2 Tbsp. of cocoa powder and it got insanely thick and tasty. Topped off with some cacao nibs and I was set to go!


Definitely not the most beautiful thing ever but delicious. I made some cinnamon muffs for the hubs earlier in the week. I completely forgot to take some pics so I snagged one while he was in the middle of eating. Lots of cinnamon in the middle of those puppies!


So I think for the next few weeks I'm really trying to clean up my diet a bit and stick with mainly veggies and proteins with some healthy fats and a few grains here and there. I’d like to really get my body stronger so I'm hoping that now I have a new workout plan my new diet clean up action will get me to where I want to be.
Have you ever rearranged your diet in any way? If so was it to meet a specific goal or just because you felt it was more healthy? Did you find it difficult?

I've been feeling stagnant in my workouts so this week really excited me to get back in action. I think its so important to try new things out whether it be in the form of diet and exercise just to see how the body responds. Have you revamped a certain way of doing things? Were you happy with the results? I'm just really curious is hearing about all your experiences with this!

Stay tuned for wellness week and to kick things off a super wellness giveaway!

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