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First Hand Health Tips from Health Conscious Female Celebrities

Posted Jul 13 2011 3:06am

We envy most of the famous female Hollywood celebritites whenever they step up in the red carpet to not just showcase their new movies and beautiful designer made gowns but also their fit and fabulous bodies.

Ever wonder how they maintain their sexiness even though some of them are already on their 30’s and even 50’s yet still have the body like that of an 18 year old?

Here are some of them who shared their health secrets to inspire more their avid fans!





Alicia Silverstone - this “Clueless”actress is a certified vegan. She bares all her health tips on her website “The Kind Life”. Before she gave birth to her first baby boy on March 5, she always does yoga and her favorite foods are carob chips, dried mango and artichoke.





   Carrie Underwood - rose to fame when she won in the American Idol in 2005. She shares her health secret on having a fit body inside and out. She was also a PETA advocate and during the interview she revealed that she is a vegan.

I’m a vegetarian because I love animals. I grew up on a farm and they were all my pets! So the thought of me or someone else eating my pets kind of freaked me out at a young age.
I’m the most normal person in the universe, but I’m very health conscious. I love working out. I love taking care of myself. We only have one body apiece and it’s going to expire sometime, and I’m going to make sure it’s a long, long time from now
.” Carrie said.


Madonna. At 52, this rock star diva still has the body of a 20 year old lady. She is one of the famous ultimate health-conscious celebrities ever. She always goes to the gym and one of her latest health tip that boosts her immune system and keeps her fit and fab is by drinking coconut water! But I guess one thing that she must stop is having a cigarette on hand. She still smokes…Well, as the old saying goes, once a smoker, always a smoker.


 So, are you inspired by these celebrities? It really pays to eat healthy foods to have a healthy body!

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