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First Day Of Anesthesia

Posted Feb 12 2013 5:20am


Yesterday was my first day of the anesthesia rotation, which is only 10 days long.  My morning started bright and early: 4am.  I was pretty hungry when I woke up so I decided to try out my new designer whey protein bars!


Only 170 calories and 10 grams of protein.  I think I’ve tried all the flavors and they don’t disappoint!  I love that these bars are lower in calorie than some other bars because I am known to eat 3 of them in one day…

We had lecture at 6:30am and I knew I would be hungry, so I brought along another Designer Whey product:  Protein Water Mix!


Unfortunately, I didn’t love this one.  I think I might have mixed it with too much water.. I will try again today.

After the first lecture of the morning I went to the operating room and got changed into scrubs.  I wandered into the OR and met up with my anesthesiologist for the morning.  The surgery had already started (normally we get there at 7am but since we had lecture this morning I was late) so I didn’t get to do anything.

Lecture again from 8:30- 11:30.  This one was about trauma and was actually pretty interesting.  I snacked on an orange while taking some notes :-)

2:12:2   2:12:3

At 11:30 I was free to go!  Yippee!  I came home to eat lunch- a chicken sausage and green beans.


I also made a smoothie with almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1 scoop white chocolate Designer Whey protein, and kale.  The white chocolate protein powder is really tasty and the texture is great.  I’ve had some bad experiences with gritty protein powders… not fun!


I am the kind of person who has to try new things immediately.  If I buy something new at the grocery, I have to open it and try it the second I get home.  All the designer whey goodies I got yesterday had to be tried asap as well.  Now that I’ve had all the protein bars, one flavor of protein water, and one flavor of protein powder, I only have 3 more flavors to go and I am feeling much better.  I guarantee I will try 2 more new flavors tomorrow!  Is anyone else like me?   After I try it all I will post a full review of the Designer Whey products.


I spent the afternoon studying anesthesia.  We have our exam next week and in order to get an honors grade for the class you can’t miss any questions on the test!!  Our grading system is a pass/high pass/honors system and I try to get as many honors as possible with a couple high passes thrown in there (I’m never very happy about the high passes lol).  So the pressure is on for this test if I want to do well!! EEK!!  I will be studying all week no doubt…


Mid afternoon 30 minute meditation/nap:



Around 4pm I was itching to work out and so I turned on a little Chalene Extreme Intervals and started sweating!  400 calories in 50 minutes isn’t too bad for me!



I love that even in the cardio videos you still use weights.  My arms were DYING by the end of some of the sets.


Dinner was a mix of broccoli slaw, portobella mushrooms, marinara sauce, and a little goat cheese on top- yum!!


I ended the night with some cottage cheese blended with 1/2 scoop protein powder- it wasn’t that good but I still ate it…


Do you have a favorite protein powder?

What’s your favorite cardio workout?  

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