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First Day @ a New Gym Jitters

Posted Jan 22 2013 10:09pm

Have you ever checked out Everyday Paleo ? Sarah Fragoso is the amazing author behind not only Everyday Paleo the blog, but also Everyday Paleo cookbooks as well! Her first cookbook was my first Paleo cookbook that I got a year and a half ago. She makes cooking Paleo easy and fun, especially if you have kids. She has a business partner named Jason Seib who runs their nutrition/fitness online program called Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness.  Jason, who owns Clackamas Physical Conditioning also just wrote a book on Paleo lifestyle and fitness called The Paleo Coach .

A few days ago, I went to visit Jason’s gym and see what made it different than other gyms. The gym floor was small, but had enough space that it wasn’t overly tight. It reminded me of the CF gym I went to on Stark and 181st. It had the smell of rubber and the light dusting of hand chalk on the floor. I chatted with Jason for a few minutes while he explained why his program was different from CrossFit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like CrossFit, but am not as sold out as I used to be. Watching people hurt themselves (and getting hurt myself) was not something I enjoyed. Sometimes classes are just too big and you cannot watch everyones form and lift execution. I got really burned out on wall balls and box jumps and my body literally stopped me from doing them. I have taken the last 2 full months off from CrossFit and have been focusing more on yoga, kettlebell and HIIT workouts. But, I think I am finally ready to get back to lifting.

Anyways, back to the gym. So, Jason ran me through a quick assessment involving deadlifts, running, jumping pullups and squats. It was rough! My hips were tight and I could feel the inequality in my shoulders. He was quick to point them out and said that we could fix the discrepencies in my body mechanics! If this is true, it will be the first time anything like that has worked. I have tried ADAPT, running, cycling and CrossFit and have gotten hurt doing each one (I am sure this has nothing to do with my intensity levels at all….)

So, I talked to Tim about the price (this gym is small, so classes are more like personal training sessions) and for me to go three times a week it’s about $160/mo. Eeek! My hopes are that if I go and get good coaching on my form, I will be able to join a less expensive gym and continue working out there. Tim agreed (how amazing is he!!) and today is my first day.

I feel like I am starting my first day of school! I am super nervous! Anyways, just wanted to share that with you. If you have any tips for being the new person at a small gym, I would love to hear what you have to say!!

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