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First BIG Week! 2/4 – 2/10

Posted Feb 19 2013 10:06pm

Eek.  Two weeks went by so quickly…and here I am starting a third week without posting during the last two.  The good news is that I have been doing a good amount of training.  Bad news, I barely have time to sit down and blog. My mock trial team is done competing for the year, so that was taken off my plate (until I go to judge the State Finals in a few weeks), but now I’ve picked up a third job…I’m back teaching yoga (yay) in addition to teaching college night classes and working a full time job.  And really, I just do it all to fund my very expensive hobby (I’ve started a Kona fund so that I can afford that trip if I ever qualify…should be ready to pay for it by 75 or 80 years old).

Anywho, this is how my first big week went:

  • Monday 2/4:
  • Tuesday 2/5:
  • Wednesday 2/6: Rest.
  • Thursday 2/7:
  • Friday 2/8:
  • Saturday 2/9::
  • Sunday 2/10:

I ended the week with an Icebath. Ick.



  • Completed: 12:34 (14:35 planned)
  • Run: 3:40, 25.75mi
  • Ride: 5:35, 96mi
  • Swim: 1:39, 4900yds

Anyway,  February 4th brought the first big week of training since deciding to go all out for Eagleman.  In fact, this is the heaviest week I’ve done since IM training in 2010.  And I feel great.  It’s amazing what (a) being healthy does and (b) your body can get used to over 4 years.  I know that to think that training 12 hours a week seems like a normal amount is a little weird (or, if I wasn’t training for something, they would call it compulsive).  But here’s the thing, I love training.  I do.  I just flipping love it.  I look at my training schedules each week and I get sad when I only have 8 hours scheduled.  I wish I were better at getting it all in, but I’m working on that.

Ok, off to hit the trainer at 10pm (now that I’m home from teaching)…and get up and meet a friend for a race pace run at 5am.

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