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First aid tips for breathing difficulties : Must know

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
Post details: first aid tips and procedures during breathing difficulties and problems.

First aid is very important and essential skill which everyone must know. This can help you in saving lives by following simple and basic procedures before you get help from a person from medical profession.

In this article I have collected some best first aid methods and tips for breathing difficulty situations which is a very common problem faced by people of all ages.

If you find a person who stopped breathing, just touch his shoulder or talk to him and see whether he replies or not and if he doesn’t reply call for ambulance and start the following first aid.

1)     First and foremost thing you must do is to place that person on his/her back on the floor.
2)    Next thing you must do is to see that tongue is not obstructing the throat. So for this you have to tilt the head and see that chin is facing upwards. This can be done by keeping your fingertips under jawbone and lifting it gently and simultaneously pressing down softly on his/her forehead.
3)    After this you have to check breathing  by keeping your ears near his mouth to hear for breathing sounds or check the person’s chest if it is rising and falling.
4)     If you find that breathing is normal then you can continue in maintaining the persons head position as said before and if there is no sign of breathing then go for artificial breathing procedure.

Now you may get a doubt regarding the artificial breathing and for this I would like to suggest you some best methods to perform that procedure.

1)     Lift up the persons chin and tilt his head back.
2)     Close the nostrils with your two fingers and see that there is no leakage of air.
3)     Next take a deep breath and place your mouth over the person’s mouth and slowly breathe into his mouth.
4)     This may take about 2 to 3 seconds to inflate his chest and do this for two times.
5)      After this you have to check whether his chest is rising as you breathe into the person’s mouth and if you find that there is resistance then lit the chin again and hold the head back further and again do the same procedure.
6)     Keep doing this until you get help from the ambulance or medical professional.

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