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First-aid kit for basic health problems: Must know

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
First-aid kit is very essential for any person at any time especially while traveling to unknown places. These precautions sometimes can save lives and also with out these sometimes we people losing their lives. So I feel that every person must at least have some basic knowledge regarding the first-aid kit for basic health problems.

Basic Health problems which most people suffer are:
Fever, pain, coughs, sore throat, constipation or indigestion, diarrhea, sun burns, motion sickness, insect bites, grazes and cuts.

Now let’s see briefly regarding the first aid kits that must be taken for each problem separately:

1)Paracetamol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen medicines which are available at the counters in several forms like tablets, soluble tablets and liquids etc. they can be used for minor pains and aches like headache, muscle pain, and toothache.
2) Note that doses for children are lower when compared to adults so be careful and also note that aspirin must not be given to children below 16 years.

1) For fever thermometer is a must in first-aid kit and if you have digital thermometer (oral) well and good.
2) Fever can be relieved by ibuprofen and paracetamol.
3) Note that fever is mostly caused by viruses where the use of antibiotics may not help so after using the first-aid medicine mentioned above consult the doctor immediately to get it confirm whether it is viral or bacterial cause and take appropriate medications.

Coughs and sore throats
1) Cough mixtures and sore throat lozenges are common medications that can deal with these problems so make sure they are in your kit.
2) Note that cough mixtures contain some ingredients that are not safe for children especially under six years so consult the physician and get the appropriate medicines for children and place them in your first-aid kit.

Constipation or indigestion and diarrhea
1) For diarrhea loperamide is a good medicine to be in your first-aid kit but not suitable for children.
2) If both vomiting and diarrhea occur, make sure that patient must take enough liquids and it is very important in case of children.
3) There is also necessary for rehydration medicine to prevent dehydration like dioralyte.
4) Constipation is the most common problem faced when traveling so a mild laxative is very helpful.
5) Antacid preparation is necessary for people who are suffering from heartburn or indigestion (when eating spicy foods).

Motion sickness
1) This is also a most common problem faced while traveling on roads, air and sea travel so get tablets to prevent motion sickness before starting your journey.

Insect bites
1) Soothing lotions like calamine and antihistamines are good in controlling the itching of insect stings or bites.
2) Better take an insect repellant when you are going to a new area in your first-aid kit because there may be mosquitoes and others which are very dangerous in spreading diseases easily.

Grazes and cuts
1) Water proof or fabric plasters are very useful.
2) Gauze swabs or cotton gauze for covering and drying wounds.
3) Saline (sterile) to clean wounds.
4) Adhesive tapes - permeable ones ( to hold the dressings)
5) Antiseptics either in cream or lotion form.
6) Bandages (gauze)

Sun burns
1) You must apply a sun block before you get exposed to sun and it should be in your kit.
2) Note that you must consult your physician or pharmacist to know appropriate sun protecting factor.

After seeing the above list you might get a doubt whether is it possible to maintain all these items in first-aid kit. For this my advice is that the items in the kit depends on the time and travel you make for your journey. It’s better to buy small size products to make it fit in your kit bag. Also note the expiry dates of the medication which is very essential.

If you are traveling to any under developed area it is better to take extensive kit along with some syringes, disposable needles and tablets for water purification which may not be available in those areas.

Did you find this post useful? Please comment if you have any doubts.

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