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Finding Your Inner Strength

Posted Oct 29 2011 6:44pm
Today I wish to post a featured follower who has an amazing inspirational story to share. You all know how I love inspiration so I would love to share this story sent to me from Ms. Emily W. who wanted to inspire the world for a moment. 

"Facing a cancer diagnosis is a monumental task, and most people can benefit from the help and support a life coach can provide. According to the Mayo Clinic, many cancer survivors say they relied on their own inner strength to help fight the battle and move beyond their diagnosis. When a patient first learns their  mesothelioma prognosis  or  breast cancer diagnosis , they are often wracked with questions and doubts. Some wonder if they have the inner strength to fight this battle. Many patients are physically and emotionally exhausted when they finally find the cause behind their symptoms. A life coach can't fight the battle for you, but they can help any cancer victim find their own inner strength.

Many people may become weighted down by their past. Someone who lacks self-esteem may feel that they lack the courage and mental fortitude to fight cancer. A  life coach  can help you discover your own worth in a way that a support group or family member cannot. Your coach can help you move beyond your past and become someone strong enough to cope with a serious disease like  mesothelioma . You don't need to resolve past issues in order to move forward, all you need to do is teach yourself new patterns and ways of thinking. A positive attitude may not change your prognosis, but it will make all the difference in how you feel day to day.

A cancer diagnosis can change your life and drastically alter the way you live. The changes can be difficult to cope with, and a  life coach can help you set personal goals  and focus on finding ways to keep doing what you love. Sometimes it can be hard not to sink into depression and hopelessness, and many cancer victims even feel guilty for not remaining positive all the time. Some health professionals will even tell patients that their attitude can directly affect the outcome of their disease, leaving patients feeling responsible when treatments don't work or conditions deteriorate. A life coach can help you deal with negative feelings in a positive way, without guilt or judgment. With the help of a coach you can learn to deal with the people in your life, and find ways to keep other people from bringing you down."

-Emily W. 

Thank you greatly Emily for the courage to share your inspiration. God bless Emily!
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