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Finding my “voice”

Posted May 26 2011 2:51pm

No matter what your profession you need to have a voice to communicate.

Singers need one to be in tune and on pitch.

Lawyers need one that is commanding yet inquisitive.

Doctors need one that is authoritative but reassuring.

Therapists’ voices need to be empathetic and understanding.

Bloggers’ need a voice that…um…well…sounds like them?

As I said earlier this week I’ve been thinking a lot about the blog, which inevitably means I’m doing a lot of thinking about me. Right now I’m just not quite sure who “I” or “Morningstar Project” really is, which makes it a little hard to sound myself in all my writing.

Knowing about my current life circumstances might help explain some of this. Right now I am 2 weeks away from defending my dissertation, 2.5 weeks away from moving across the country, and a month away from starting an internship.

Basically a lot is about to change. I will no longer say “graduate student” but instead “psych intern.” I won’t tell people I live in California, but instead that I reside in Baltimore. I will no longer be a 4th year student, but a professional out in this big scary world. You might wonder what the big deal is – it’s just a wording change Lindsey. But for someone who likes things in neat, tidy, self-contained categories these label changes kinda freak me out.

Example of this was changing my name after getting married. I had a hissy fit even a 5-year-old would scoff at. Not because I didn’t want to take my husband’s name on, I loved his name. I just didn’t want to give up my name. The name that clearly showed I was Irish, the name I learned to write in elementary school, the name that held years of history – my history.

So what does this all have to do with my blogging voice?

Well I realized that I’ve been trying to sound a certain way on here that might not always be authentic. I want to sound smart, funny, witty, and kind all in one. I want to sound like an authority on something. I want to motivate people to make positive changes in their lives.

Basically I find myself wanting to sound like someone else. Wanting to steal the words from someone else’s head because their life seems more put together. They seem to know what they’re talking about.

Me? I’m just a confused, bumbling mess. Ok, maybe a slightly funny, bumbling mess who does know how to operate a camera and pour olive oil on things. And well I guess I do have some expertise on psychology since I did go to school for 8 years to study it. Oh geez that is insane.

And maybe, just maybe, people like reading things from those who don’t have it all together? I know I do. So perhaps someone else does too? And maybe all those someone elses can combine to together to agree on that fact that, we have no idea what we’re doing but can at least smile at the fact we aren’t alone.

Have you found your blogging or professional voice?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to feel more put together than you are?

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