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Finding Motivation Part 1

Posted Jan 30 2013 2:02pm

You are an infinite possibility. You have the capacity to create whatever you want. Everything you need is already inside of you.

Finding motivation does not come from getting validation from other people. Finding motivation is all about removing the stuff from your life that does not serve you, so that you can make space for all the good stuff to seep in.

The way we remove that stuff that’s blocking us is to start reading the script that we’re acting out every day and becoming willing to re-write it. If something isn’t working, it doesn’t mean you’re broken; it just means that you need a little fine-tuning. You have to reach into your toolbox and pull out the things that re-calibrate you and bring you back to a state of love. Then, motivation will naturally show up – and probably where you least expect it to.

I hope that today’s vlog helps you believe this at your deepest core. Sending all my love to you!

*Sorry about the audio quality, babes! xo 

Stay lovely,

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