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Find the Right Surgeon to Correct the Microtia Problem

Posted Jun 25 2013 10:21am
Microtia is a congenital malformation in which the pinna of the ear does not develop fully. The true cause of microtia is unknown. The good thing is that this condition is completely treatable and the child can lead a normal life. Ear reconstruction surgery for microtia can be performed at any time after the child is large enough to allow sufficient cartilage to be taken. Usually, the surgery involves two or three procedures.

The right surgeon is an absolute necessity when it comes to ear reconstruction surgery. Though there are several plastic surgeons that perform the procedure of microtia or ear reconstruction all across the globe, to ensure safe and effective microtia surgery, you must choose a competent surgeon.

What are the specialists you can take your child to?
  • Neonatologist
A neonatologist or a pediatrician can evaluate your child for a proper diagnosis and also help to answer any related questions you may have.
  • Otolaryngologist
First an otolaryngologist or an audiologist should be consulted to get the hearing checks of the child done and to find out the level of hearing loss. The audiologist can give you information about the various options that are available which can improve the child’s hearing capability.
  • Craniofacial surgeon or oral surgeon
If the child is having problems like Treacher Collins, Goldenhar syndrome or hemifacial microtia, then an appointment should be set up with a craniofacial surgeon or an oral surgeon. All the necessary information should be collected to find whether the possibility of surgery can be avoided. If the plastic surgeon recommends plastic surgery, ask the age at which it should be done.
  • Geneticist
A geneticist should be consulted if additional information has to be obtained about the reasons for the occurrence of Treacher Collins, Atresia, Goldenhar Syndrome or Hemifacial Microsomia.
  • Microtia reconstructive surgeon
To find out more information about the availability of various reconstructive surgical options, an appointment should be scheduled with a reconstruction specialist or an expert plastic surgeon. Many reputable plastic surgeons are specialized in facial reconstruction surgery or atresia repair. Details of the surgery should be asked before finalizing the plans.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon for Microtia Reconstruction
  • Family physician, friends, colleagues and relatives can be consulted for getting information about the best surgeon. Search engines are a good option for research on the internet.
  • The plastic surgeon that is chosen must give you all information about the steps involved in the surgery along with possible risks and complications.
  • He should provide before and after photos of the surgeries he has performed in the past.
  • Online reviews and testimonials posted about the surgeon should be read. Try to get in touch with those patients who have undergone treatment.
  • The plastic surgeon should provide services from a facility that has received proper accreditation.
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