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Final thoughts on Seawheeze...

Posted Aug 17 2012 10:12pm
Well, as per the slogan I went, I ran and I partied (well, not exactly "partied" since I missed the concert, but I sure had fun!)  The inaugural Seawheeze half marathon was a super cool event and I am so glad I got to be a part of their first year.  Like many other thousands of people, I'm looking forward to next year - registration opens in January and I'm pretty sure it's going to sell out fast.

In my race report I commented that for me Seawheeze was the best of times and it was the worst of times.  I had a wicked fun time but some of the organizational kinks really took away from the whole experience.  In the absence of any sort of formal event feedback process, I thought I'd sum up my thoughts in a nice bulleted list...

Reasons Seawheeze was awesome:

  • Super unique, quirky and fun race atmosphere
  • Beautiful branding and logos
  • Awesome technical clothing, the bright colours and fun prints were really nice
  • Great course - beautiful scenery, lots of flat but a few hills to make it interesting
  • Cool training plan and accompanying iPhone app
  • Fun extras such as pre-race massages, manicures, spray on tattoos, games in the plaza
  • Awesome DJs at the expo, start line and finish area
  • Cool medals, love the shoelaces idea
  • Excellent, wonderful, yummy post race brunch
  • Relaxed start line and corral placement
  • Lots of on-course entertainment
  • Lots of feedback and interaction with Seawheeze staff and trainers via Facebook leading up to the event
  • Cool gift packs for runners staying in Seawheeze hotels (included things like bandaids and black nail polish to cover up black toes!)
  • Great pre and post yoga events
  • Timing chips had a picture of Chip Wilson's face on them (he's the guy who started Lululemon)

Things that were a little less than awesome:

  • Very little information provided when registration opened, nobody from Lululemon even seemed to know what was going on
  • Seawheeze polka dot shorts
  • Sizes only offered up to Size 10
  • Sellout and scalping of gear from the showcase store
  • Water stations - at one they ran out of cups and were handing out 1litre bottles to each runner!
  • Not enough water stations, need to be far more frequent if a race is planned for the heat of August
  • No formal feedback process
  • The heat!  Not Lulu's fault, but maybe the race could start an hour earlier next year
Anyhow, overall I think it was a really great event and some of the details really impressed me.  It sounds like lots of runners had the same concerns as me so hopefully they take it into account for next year.  I can easily see this becoming THE race to get into each year and hopefully they can make sure it lives up to that in years to come.  

Okay so Seawheeze is over, now it's onto Color Me Rad!  Tomorrow morning I'm running my first ever colour run and I am super excited.  Gotta go plan my outfit...
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