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Final thoughts on RnR Seattle...

Posted Jul 04 2012 4:39pm
It's been about a week now since the Rock n Roll Seattle half marathon, race recaps are done, recovery is officially over.  It really was a fun race - probably one of my favourites so far - and I still have a few last thoughts on the whole experience lingering around in my head...

  • Loved the Rock n Roll series experience.  Fantastic expo, great perks, well-organized, so much fun.  This was my first "big name" event and it just felt more exciting because it was a large event.  I can't wait for RnR Las Vegas! (unlike many, I have faith that they'll have worked out the kinks from last year)
  • What about that finish line beer I kept rambling about?  Yeah, I never did get it.  Someone told me you had to go over to the beer garden on the other side of the park and stay there to drink it.   Makes sense from what I know of liquor regulations but didn't quite live up to that cross-the-line-get-handed-a-beer-and-guzzle-it image I had in my mind.  :o)  Good thing I don't really like beer anyways...
  • I am a big fan of the garbage bag!  If you read my recaps you may recall a photo of me looking positively transient in an orange garbage bag.  I might have looked stupid but I was nice and toasty and didn't have to sacrifice any clothing from my closet.  I am already scoping out other brands of bags in something a little less garish than orange...
  • Chocolate milk must be a nectar of the gods.  Yum.  I regularly drink chocolate milk after training runs but this was the first big race where it's been handed out at the finish line.  Holy cow (pun intended) did that ever hit the spot!  I felt instantly better after guzzling it down.  Yum.
  • Trusting your training is hard!  Before the big race all we can do is trust we've done the work.  In my case, with all that rest due to injury, I too had to trust my training but in a different way.  I had to trust that the training I did before I got injured would still be good enough to get me across the finish line.  And it was.  It was a good lesson for me.
  • Bloggers are real people too!  Duh, obviously.  It was really neat though to meet some of you in person at the expo.  I have come to know so many of you from afar by reading about your running, your lives, your families - so nice to meet face to face.  I have a feeling some great running friendships have been made!
So now that I'm home, it's time to switch gears and get back into training mode.  I think my leg is finally going to cooperate with me and so far, my last few runs have been pain free and feeling mostly back to normal.  Phew!  Nothing like an injury to make you appreciate your running!

Next up are the Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon, RnR Las Vegas half and then the culmination of it all - Goofy Challenge half and full marathons at WDW in January.  I have a lot of planning to do, tons of miles to cover and many changes I need to make in my day-to-day to ensure I get there and cross the finish line upright, smiling and injury free.  Good thing is, I'm feeling kind of renewed and energetic following so much rest and holding back while injured.  

Let the training begin!  Nikki is back!
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