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Filling up my 2013 race calendar...

Posted Feb 06 2013 12:42pm
Now that my crazy Dream Year of Running is behind me, it's time to start looking ahead and putting together this year's race calendar.  Last year was mostly about quantity and while I still wanna do lots of races this year (because I love them and they make me feel good) I kind of want this year's races to be a bit more about quality.

Not that my 2012 races weren't quality, because they were awesome, but I guess I want to try and accomplish a few specific things with the races I choose to do this year.  I have a few speed goals, some strength goals, a Half Fanatics goal and the need for a bit of redemption (can anyone say marathon NOT in sauna-like conditions?)

A couple weekends ago after our awesome Steveston Icebreaker 8k, my adopted running and all-around-Beast Coach Solana and I had a look at all the races I want to do plus a few more.

Here's how 2013 is shaping up so far...


  • Feb 10 - Vancouver First Half 1/2 Marathon (Vancouver, BC).  Registered.  Yikes, the scene of my imminent PR attempt...
  • Mar 10 - Golden Ears Half Marathon (Maple Ridge, BC).  Registered.
  • Mar 31 - My First Trail Race 10k (North Vancouver, BC).  Tentative.  Wanna give a trail race a try...
  • Nothing so far, maybe Sun Run?  It's been a few years...
  • May 5 - BMO Vancouver Marathon (Vancouver, BC).  Registered.  This will be my redemption marathon.  WDW was awesome but I feel like I didn't get a fair chance with such crazy hot conditions, I want to run another to see what I can really do.
  • Also thinking about Abbotsford Run for Water events...
  • Jun 22 - Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon (Seattle, WA).  Registering on Feb 13.  Can you say girlie road trip to Seattle?
  • Jun 23 - Scotiabank Half Marathon (Vancouver, BC).  Registered.  These two races combined will get me Half Fanatics Jupiter status!
  • Jul 28 - Kamloops Half Marathon (Kamloops, BC).  Tentative.  If I am up at the cabin that weekend I'll do it.  Loved this race so much last year!
  • Aug 10 - Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon (Vancouver, BC).  Registered.  
  • Aug 31 - Disneyland 10k (Anaheim, CA).  Registered.  Heading back to the happiest place on earth...
  • Also thinking about Color Me Rad 5k...
  • Sept 1 - Disneyland Half Marathon (Anaheim, CA).  Registered.  Together with the Disney 10k, this becomes the Dumbo Double Dare which is good for a special third Dumbo medal and also qualifies me for my Disney Coast-to-Coast medal because I also raced at Disneyworld this year.
  • Also thinking about: Surrey International Music Marathon...
  • Oct 5 - Baker Lake 50km Trail Run (Baker Lake, WA).  Tentative.  This is one that Solana has suggested.  I would really love to do an ultra in 2013 but it remains to be seen if I think I can be ready for it by then...
  • Nothing planned as yet but there are some neat local events this time of year...
8 races confirmed at this point plus 3 very likely but still tentative races.  If I had a full-time nanny and a huge bank account I could add tons more to this list, but that's just not the case.  I'm planning to add a page for my 2013 race calendar that I can keep updated as things change and get added.  2013 won't exactly earn me the medal haul I got in 2012 (see below) but I think it's going to be a mighty fun year of racing...

Can you think of any other great races I should try and add?  Will you be at any of the same ones as me?
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