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Fighting back against emotional eating

Posted Mar 15 2011 5:44am

Hey guys. Again, thanks for all the support and love you’ve shown my husband and I in the days since the earthquake . We really appreciate it and hope you’ll continue to pray for us, Japan, and whatever the future might hold.

As much as I’m trying to be strong, the earthquake and the fear it’s caused helped push me right back into stress and emotional eating. I did okay for a few days (when my husband was home), but the last two have been very difficult. I’ve been staying home for the most part and watching TV, sleeping, and eating. I know I need to change this pattern that’s beginning and turn things around. I definitely don’t want to move backwards, away from all the progress I’ve made in the last year.

My history with BED makes me very nervous about how I will react to stressful situations. In general, I have improved a lot and rarely ever turn to food for comfort, entertainment, or as a reward these days. In the past I would eat when I was angry, sad, depressed, or nervous/anxious. This was my way of controlling the situation. The severity of the recent earthquake and just how out of my control life has begun to feel has really been a challenge.

I can’t change the eating I have done in the last few days, but I can wake up in the morning and determine to make it a better day.

I’m going to focus on lots of water, fresh foods, and more defined meals—less snacking and munching and more listening to my hunger. It’d be nice to get a workout in, too. I’ve just been feeling very unmotivated, but I can turn it around.

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