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Fight Fat with Fat

Posted Dec 15 2011 9:55pm


Maybe it’s just me, but even though I’m busting it during every workout, some of the lean and mean in me is feeling a little soft these days. My clothes still fit and the scale still reads the same number so I’m not that concerned. But today during my personal training session with Lauren I asked her for her number one tip she shares with clients who are interested in improving not only their physique but also their nutrition.

Her number one tip was, “fight fat with fat.”

I had to take a double take as this didn’t make sense until I realized that she wasn’t talking about the delicious butter laden Christmas cookies or fudge. Instead, she meant that in order to fat long term and “lean out” one must satiate their hunger with healthy fats, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.

There are many benefits of healthy fats:

  • Good fats help lower cholesterol.
  • Good fats help protect internal organs.
  • Good fats help transport and retain nutrients.
  • Good fats are a source of energy.

I took her advice and did my best to amp up today’s meals with healthy fats. I realized that my breakfast often excludes fat as does my afternoon snack, hence the reason that I’m normally craving another meal just an hour or so later.

Today’s updated meals:

This morning’s bowl of cereal featured 2% milk because the office was out of skim. A little bit of fat helped this bowl of Fiber One stick to my bones.

001  This morning’s snack was an unpictured Clementine along with a pack of delicious lightly salted almonds. I ordered a box of these from Amazon for a steal and am loving them as a office desk staple.

002  My normal spinach and beet salad was updated with walnuts in place of the normal blue cheese. Walnuts provide a healthier form of fat than cheese and also left me more satiated. I added Craisins as well which added a sweet punch, per Lauren’s suggestion.

003  Tonight’s sushi deliver dinner was upgraded with avocado. I tend to steer away from avocado due to it’s high fat content but it is very satiating. I enjoyed a brown rice tuna avocado roll along with a salmon brown rice roll. Paired with a side of Felicity it was the perfect easy Thursday night dinner!

005 Question: Do you have a fear of fat or have you learned to embrace healthy fats? What is your favorite “healthy fat?”

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