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Fifteen Miles on Foot.

Posted Jul 11 2010 7:43pm

Finally back in our hotel after the loooooongest day ever.  It is taking every ounce of energy I have to make this blog post happen – bear with me!  We were up early at 7 so that we could get started and beat the heat for our morning run.  Since we left in a rush and did poor planning, we had no snacks or pre-run fuel with us, so Casey headed down to the hotel lobby and emerged with overpriced bananas and Balance bars.  Not ideal, but it did the trick!

IMG_8105 (640x480)

We mastered the DC Metro system over the course of the day!  And we only got harassed by one crazy drug addict, so we felt like we did pretty well blending in with the locals.  Our first (of many) Metro rides was into the city for our run…

IMAG0022 (427x640)

When we got into the city, we immediately ran into a big bike race!

IMAG0023 (402x640)

We made our way over to the White House, so I stopped for my cheesy tourist photo.  I love how in DC you can just be walking down the street and stumble across a huge landmark.  Very cool.

IMAG0024 (640x423)

We ran south to the National Mall, and looped around the Monument.

IMAG0026 (427x640)

And then headed up the mall towards the Capitol.  Such a beautiful and exciting place to run!  We got started a little later than we had hoped, and it was tough running in the heat and full sun. 

IMAG0027 (640x420)

After about 6 miles total, we headed back towards our hotel so that we could shower and change because we had afternoon appointments scheduled.  On the way, we stopped at a Cosi for delicious steel-cut oatmeal.  Cosi is my favorite DC chain – way better than Panera!

IMAG0028 (640x420)

We got read to go, and headed back out on the Metro to make a few housing appointments.  The first place we saw was in Capitol Hill, and it was just okay.  Major drawback was the small, crummy kitchen.  But then we went to appointment #2 and fell (slightly) in love.  Check out this fabulous row home!

IMG_8117 (471x640)

With a beautiful landscaped fenced front yard. 

IMG_8118 (640x480)

No pictures of the inside, but it was really really nice and updated.  Two bedroom, 2.5 baths and a beautiful updated kitchen.  Only negatives are that is it still pretty small, and the rent is a bit higher than we really want to pay.  BUT – it is seriously in the most money location ever.  To the left, it is literally ON Logan Circle…

IMG_8119 (640x480)

And to the right, great hustle and bustle of shops and all sorts of wonderful restaurants.  As we were leaving the appointment and talking it over, we turned down the next block to literally enter the neighborhood of my dreams.  Within ONE block of this apartment is a giant Whole Foods, a LuLuLumon store, a Yogiberry, Sweet Green, and Flow Yoga Studio.  Like it was meant for me!  :)

IMG_8120 (640x480)

The point of this weekend was really just to explore neighborhoods, not necessarily nail down a specific house.  But now that we saw this one I am almost afraid to pass it up.  I think we might have to sleep on it…

After lunch we headed down to Dupont Circle to Cafe Green – a new all-vegan cafe that just opened, and that many blog readers recommended to me!  (Thank you!)

IMG_8112 (640x479)

Even more exciting than the food though was the company!  One of my best college friends just found out that she is being transferred to DC for her job!  Our DC friend pool is growing quickly – so exciting!!  Jen and Norm were in DC this weekend also looking for houses, so it was fun to sit and chat about all the housing searches going on.

IMG_8111 (480x640)

The food at Cafe Green was awesome!  I got the Cowboy Breakfast – roasted potatoes, tofu scramble, and vegan chili, mmmmmmm.

IMG_8107 (640x456)

Absolutely delicious chili, topped with not-gross vegan cheese.

IMG_8108 (640x480)

And a well seasoned tofu scramble.  Why don’t I ever make this at home?

IMG_8109 (640x479)

Enjoyed with a LOT of coffee, and even more water.  I strapped my Garmin to my messenger back all day today to track our walking mileage, and by lunch time we had already logged 9 miles!

IMG_8110 (478x640)

After lunch we said goodbye to Jen and Norm, and headed up north to check out a few more neighborhoods.  We explored the Adams Morgan and Cleveland Park areas, and wound up at the National Zoo!

IMG_8113 (480x640)

We checked out a few of the fun business districts, and came upon this fun organic market…

IMG_8116 (640x480)

So like any normal girl searching for a new neighborhood, I immediately went inside to do price comparisons.  Every time we tell someone we are moving to DC and want to live in the city, the first reaction we usually get is “but it is so expensive!”  So I decided to see if (other than housing) things really are just more expensive here.  I was happy to find that the grocery store prices were 100% comparable to what we pay in Charlotte.

IMG_8114 (640x478)

And look what else I found – a BULK FOOD aisle!!

IMG_8115 (640x480)

After hours and hours of walking around and exploring, I think we’ve narrowed our search to either the Dupont/Logan Circle areas, or Capitol Hill.  They are very different, and on different sides of town, but both have aspects that appeal to us.  I guess we will just see which individual houses we end up liking best in both places.

We finally made it back to our hotel room after 9pm, and logged a grand total of…ready?  FIFTEEN miles of walking today!!  My feet are killing me, and I am dead tired and sunburned.  But it was such a fun day, and this city just really feels right to me – I feel like we are supposed to be here. 

Casey has to work tomorrow, so I am on my own in the city for the day!  What should I do?  I am considering going shopping for a new dress to wear to a wedding next weekend.  Are there any fabulous dress stores in DC that I should try?

Hitting publish and time to SLEEP!

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