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FFF weekend & Wedding Recap

Posted Aug 02 2011 2:28pm

My weekend in a nutshell…, family and fun.

Fitness –> The clouds gave us some relief this weekend from the heat wave. It was a great time to go hiking by the beach. We hung out at Crystal Cove State Park in Orange County for some fitness, fun and girls quality time.


P.S. I have to admit it, but after swimming in the beautiful beaches of Mexico and Philippines, I have become a beach snob. I can’t help it, I’ve been spoiled the last few months.

Family –>  A day spent with these little two chub chub, is a good day in my books. I don’t know if I can handle any more chubbiness in this picture. My only niece and my only nephew are the two joys of my life, in addition to my husband of course.

IMG_0338   IMG_0329

Fun–> our Sunday nights at Disney. We watched the new firework show at Disneyland and spent the rest of the night at California Adventures.

IMG_0493 IMG_0499 IMG_0505 IMG_0497 IMG_0482

Frozen Yogurt has become its own food group this summer. Summer afternoons spent outdoors enjoying frozen yogurt is just


Fro-yo, can we be friends forever?


A messy kitchen on Sunday afternoons can only mean Sunday prep is in full force. Messy kitchen means good food is being made and healthy eating is going to happen during the week. I still have to constantly remind myself to plan, plan and plan in order to stay healthy.


Chris and I got married at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This secluded beach is only accessible by boat and was once a home to a famous Hollywood director.

I really wanted to get married in a secluded spot. A place away from other tourists and where we can get married in front of our family and friends during a private ceremony.


Even though I did not visit the site until the weekend of our wedding, the first time I saw it, it was everything I had imagined and more.


You really can’t capture the beauty in pictures. You have to be there, standing in the sand, looking up at the palm trees and feeling the ocean breeze to really appreciate the beauty.



I had envisioned in my head this peaceful moment where we exchange our vows while the waves crash in the background. It happened.



0261-CR-5d2b-IMG_7091 0253-NC-5d-IMG_8729

Our wedding would include things that makes us happy and reminds us of the things that we love to do. It did.

It’s all in the simple details.

color blocks7 color blocks8 0267-CR-5d2b-IMG_7110 0265-CR-5d2b-IMG_7108

0271-NC-5d-IMG_8056 0269-NC-5d-IMG_8053

Bright and colorful maracas were everywhere and just made me happy to see bright colors. A small DIY project with the tags made it more personal.

0255-NC-5d2-IMG_3773 0671-NC-5d-IMG_9489

“Instead of tapping on your glass, here’s a system with Mexican class. Stand and shake with all your might, to see the groom kiss his bride tonight”

0669-CR-5d2b-IMG_7354 0663-CR-5d2b-IMG_7271 0665-CR-5d2b-IMG_7275 0873-NC-5d2-IMG_9785 0481-NC-5d2-IMG_4168


If I thought the beach was beautiful during the day, when sunset came, it just took my breathe away. I never wanted it to end.

0705-CR-5d2b-IMG_7400   0677-NC-5d-IMG_9522 0703-NC-5d2-IMG_4318


We took family pictures during sunset and it was so refreshing to have a cold drink in between shots.

I love this day. Cheers!!


To be continued…..

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