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Fertility Friday: Bach Flower Remedies For Conception & Emotional Well-being

Posted Dec 01 2011 4:45pm

Are negative emotions impacting your fertility?
Statistics show that 1 in 7 couples have difficulties conceiving. There are multiple factors when considering fertility so it is important to look after every facet of both physical and emotional health. Often, the problems leading to difficulties conceiving are due to emotional blocks and stressors, many of which one can be unaware of. Studies show that couples who make positive changes in their diet, lifestyle and emotional well-being have a substantially increased success rate with both natural and assisted conception.

Wherever you find yourself on your conception journey,  the dips and dives of the roller-coaster ride that it can take you on can be very difficult to cope with at times. It is normal for this journey to bring up a whole range of emotions from hope, excitement, confidence to impatience, anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, trauma, loneliness, jealousy, despair.  Prolonged stress and negative emotions impact our biochemistry and affect our hormone levels. Long term release of the hormone cortisol (released during long term stress) affects oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. This can lead to issues such as delayed ovulation and a decrease in sperm counts.

This is where Bach Flower Remedies can really be of benefit, by helping to restore a surplus and sense of calm and support that will help you through. According to Dr Bach, all illness has its route cause in a mental or emotional imbalance and modern medicine is indeed also becoming more and more aware of the link between our psyche and physical manifestations. Through releasing negative emotions and encouraging positive ones, the therapeutic vibrations of the flower remedies help to balance your mental state, allowing healing to occur and thereby increasing fertility.

“Behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes” - Dr Bach

About the remedies
Bach Flower remedies are totally natural and safe to use for as long as necessary (they are not addictive), even throughout IVF, pregnancy and whilst breast-feeding. Very much like homeopathy, they are diluted flower essences, each of the 38 different remedies attributed to a specific emotion. They can be taken as ‘emergency relief’ in a period of crisis or on a long term basis. You will find both methods to be of precious support on your fertility journey. Below are some of the main remedies used on a fertility journey, although I do encourage you to research the other remedies to find the one or ones that suit you best.

Agrimony – for mental torment hidden behind a smiling face. For those experiencing infertility and/or going through fertility treatments, the long journey and wait can cause considerable internal anguish that is often not shared due to the deeply private nature of infertility.

Aspen – for fear or anxiety with no known cause. This remedy can help those who are undergoing fertility tests where the reason for infertility is unknown.

Gentian – for discouragement and despondency caused by a setback. This remedy is especially useful for those who feel that each negative result means that they will never get pregnant.

Holly – for negative feelings towards others such as hatred, jealousy, suspicion and spite. This remedy is helpful where strong feelings of jealousy arise when others around become pregnant but you are not and you cannot find joy in their happiness.

Impatiens – for impatience. This is a wonderful remedy to use during the two week wait and also if you are not becoming pregnant as quickly as you want to and the impatience is causing you distress.

Mimulus – for everyday fear and anxiety caused by known things. This remedy is useful where someone is nervous about becoming a mother/father and in cases where there is an identified cause for infertility or where there is a fear of medical appointments and undergoing medical tests.

Olive – for tiredness after great effort. This remedy is especially helpful in cases of long term infertility and IVF treatments which can really take a mental and physical toll on energy levels.

Pine – for guilt and the tendency to blame oneself for everything that goes wrong. This remedy is beneficial where either partner blames themselves for conception not taking place. This remedy also helps to release a sense of guilt and feelings of not-deserving.

Star of Bethlehem – for shock, and grief caused by loss. This is the remedy to use in cases of miscarriage.

White Chestnut – for constant, repetitive, worrying thoughts. This remedy is helpful in situations where one can simply not switch off. A constant stream of thought leads to stress and tension in the body. This remedy helps to clear your mind and help you relax.

Rescue Remedy – a mix of 5 remedies used to deal with the immediate effects of crises, emergencies, attacks of nerves etc. Carry this remedy in your pocket at all times and take it after receiving bad news, for example a negative pregnancy test or medical result or when there is a loss of confidence, fear and despair.

Have you used flower remedies or any other natural remedy for emotional health? If so, which ones have you found to be most affective?

Further Reading and References: The Bach Remedies Workbook – Stefan Ball

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