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Feeling Inspired… Wavy Gravy and Starting Surgery Block

Posted Jan 29 2013 5:21am


Yesterday was our GLIC session which is a day of lectures and workshops that all third years participate in when they are between rotation blocks.  My family medicine/elective/pediatrics block just ended and I am about to begin my surgical subspecialty/anesthesia/general surgery/OBGYN block.

In order to get the day properly started I had intended to make some voluminous oatmeal with egg whites.  But by 6am I was craving a smoothie and so the menu was changed!  I made a smoothie using cottage cheese (which I hate).  I’ve found that if you blend the cottage cheese in the blender with vanilla and stevia, it stops tasting like cottage cheese and that nasty texture goes away!


I threw in some blueberries and a rice cake and I swear it tasted like cheesecake!  The blueberries turned my teeth blue…


Once I arrived to the first session of GLIC I got comfortable and started reading the news, checking facebook, anything but paying attention.  But then they played a clip of Wavy Gravy praying.  I can’t for the life of me find this clip on youtube, but it was so awesome.  It was Wavy Gravy (a hippie/spiritual leader/clown/philanthropist/activist) in his home, praying to every single spiritual leader you could potentially pray to.  All religions were covered in his prayer.  I loved that!  It was so inclusive, so honest, so open- very cool.  Here is the trailer from a movie about this guy- Watch it- it’s cool! :


During my morning session, the leader passed out candy to those who answered questions.  I got this little packet of M&Ms and normally would have gobbled them up without thinking.  But luckily I thought first.  I thought, “I don’t need this extra sugar at 9am for no reason.  I’m not hungry.  I’ve been having a lot of sweets lately and my pants feel a bit tight.  I don’t need candy right now.”


Victory! I handed them off to a friend and went about my morning.

After a morning of talking about spirituality in patients and then healthcare, I was ready for lunch.  Healthy Andrea decided to cook all day Sunday and prep meals for the entire week:


Go me!

I made turkey meatloaf muffins , kitchen sink veggie burgers , carrot cake protein bars (recipe coming soon!), quinoa… you should have seen the mess in my kitchen!


So I was ready to go for lunch- 2 turkey burgers, 1 veggie burger, a handful of spinach, and a clementine!


Okay that picture was actually from Sunday and there is a huge glob of avocado there… but lunch yesterday looked remarkably similar- sans avocado :-)

In the afternoon we had sessions about medical error and then picking a specialty and planning 4th year.  4th year is really open with tons of electives to choose from, so it’s up to you how you want to schedule it!  I still have to decide when I’m going to take Step 2 of my boards (there are 3 steps to the medical licensing exam- Step 1 is taken after 2nd year, Step 2 after 3rd year, and Step 3 in residency).

After school I gobbled down some thai peanut chicken lettuce wraps and 1/2 scoop protein powder mixed with almond milk.  I knew I needed to workout but I didn’t feel like driving to the gym and doing cardio… I also didn’t feel like lifting weights on my own.  Jillian Michaels to the rescue!

I find her workouts on youtube

I find her workouts on youtube

I did 2 of her 30 day shred videos.  The entire workout took just under an hour and my muscles felt like they got a good workout!


Thanks Jillian!

I wanted to say thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday- this community is so supportive.  I have so many people telling me to just brush myself off and get back on the healthy train.  I think it’s so important to have support in life :-)  I also got this sweet, encouraging text from my mom:


Isn’t she just the best?  She is not a social media queen at all but she is tearing up instagram with pictures of our dog Toby.  You all should follow her at @tobysdays :-)  She also wrote a post for me about staying fit over 50 .  She is an avid tennis player/walker/jogger/swimmer/loves stretching and yoga/ and stays active ALL DAY long- that girl never stops moving!  She’s an inspiration to me :-)


Who is an inspiration in your life? 

Who encourages you to put down the cookie and get back to the gym when you get off track? 

Have you heard of Wavy Gravy?  


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