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Feeling Awkward While You Exercise?

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:00am

Last night, I already had something planned and organized for my blog post today, but when my friend called me at 8:30 this morning and asked if I’d go to a Zumba class with her, my plans for that blog post flew out the window.


If you don’t already know what Zumba is, it’s basically an aerobic latin dancing class that gets you movin’ and shakin’ your hips and bootie in ways that are so funky, you really have to be coordinated in order to pick it up. And let me just explain a little something about me. I am NOT a dancer… which means, I am NOT coordinated with the whole shakin’ the hips thing! {Oh dear… was I a sight to see or what!} Whenever I tell people this, for some reason they always like to argue with me and say, “But you can dance! You were a cheerleader in high school!” {HA! That’s funny!} Sure… I could yell really well, and be happy and chipper… and even throw the little short girls up into the air really high! But I was NO dancer! Believe me when I say that!


I wasn’t about to give up though! Even though I was having a hard time catching on, it was fun being out of my normal routine for a change and giving my body a new challenge to face! I laughed at myself practically the whole time and thought for sure I must have looked as if I was having a seizure… but nobody stopped me… so I just continued on! {ha ha ha!}


One of the benefits to mixing up our routines, is that we can often break through plateau’s this way. If we do the same exercises day in, day out, over and over and OVER again, our bodies eventually can hit a plateau, where we just become stagnant. When we are doing everything right, but can’t seem to lose weight, when we don’t feel like we are improving and we just sort of stay put – we feel as if we are wasting time. That ‘place’ is a VERY frustrating place to be – and if you ever find yourself in this situation, more often than not, just changing the type of exercise routine you are doing can make a big difference in how your body reacts to the physical exertion you are putting on it.


Obviously, in this situation, I’d need to get better at doing the Zumba moves before my body would actually adapt and change due to the actual Zumba workout itself – just because standing there laughing half the time doesn’t really count for a great workout! {It’s great for the abdominal muscles and the spirit… just not so great for the cardio and the toning!}


So the big question is whether or not I’m going to try it again since I was so un-coordinated while trying… and the answer is YES! I’m big on trying new things and spicing up my workouts this year! To me, lifting weights and doing resistance training is simple… you lift up, you release down. You push, you pull. Simple right? Well, just because I find it easy, doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone else! Just like my tiny little hip thrusting Zumba instructor thought that cha-cha-ing around the floor in a circle while bending the knees and lasso-ing the arms was easy… I for one, thought it was nearly impossible! {We all have our areas of expertise right? But as long as we are willing to keep on trying, anything can become possible!


Whatever it is that might be frustrating you right now in your area of fitness… if you’re feeling like a fish out of water with your workout routine, or if you are feeling new to healthy eating and don’t quite feel comfortable with all the fruits and veggies on your plate… or exactly WHAT to fix yourself to eat everyday… don’t give up! It’s okay that you feel awkward and weird! If you just started a yoga class and are having issues bending your body in odd formations with other people all around… just keep doing it! Soon, it will just be normal to you and you’ll be glad you stuck with it!


Everybody feels like the awkward, uncoordinated, frustrated one at some point in time or another… even personal trainers like me! So don’t let it get you down if you feel like that with your health and fitness goals! I was laughing at myself the whole time during our Zumba class today! In fact, I felt better just laughing at my ungracefulness, than I would have if I had taken myself too seriously. Just remember what the experts say: That laughing is the best way to lift your spirits, lighten your mood and increase endorphins and serotonin levels in the brain… all of the same things that exercise does!





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