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Feelin So Fly – Nike FlyKnit Shoes

Posted May 15 2014 10:17am

It’s been nothing but rain, rain, rain here the last few days.  We did have a couple hot days over the weekend and I was able to try out some new kicks!

The fab folks over at Finish Line sent me some new Nike Free FlyKnit 3.0 shoes.

Nike Free FlyKnit 3.0 Shoes

The Nike Free FlyKnit is a version of their Nike Free line which I was already a big fan of.

You all should know by now…I am border line obsessed with Nike shoes.  They always fit my feet perfectly.  The orange box is probably more exiting to me than the “Tiffanys Blue” box.

What can I say…I love me some Nikes!


These shoes are a bit different…

Straight out of the box, they look a bit unique.  When you don’t have them on, they sort of curl up in the toe.  They remind me of the flats I wear to work just about every day (yeah don’t make fun…I wear the same pair almost every day because they feel like slippers and who doesn’t want to wear socially acceptable slippers in public?!? ).


They are VERY light & moveable.  They almost feel like water shoes.

Hey…maybe I’ll bring these on my trip to Cali so I can run on the beach in them.  Brilliant!


After you look past my terrible sock lines and pasty legs, you’ll see the most unique part of the shoes is that they have this built in sock like feature around the ankle.  You don’t have to wear socks with these shoes. This is a huge thumbs up for me because I’m notorious for forgetting to bring socks to the gym.  These may be a lifesaver for me.

I was skeptical that they wouldn’t be comfy without socks so I gave it a shot and hit the streets for a run.

The orange version makes it easier to see the elastic around the ankle.

Cool and unique, right?


I ran around my neighborhood for about 25 minutes.

Doesn’t this house look like the house from Ferris Bueller?  Every time I run by it I think about the movie.


The garage over the cliff always reminds me of the real one where Ferris got in a LOT of trouble ;)

Remember this one? What a great movie.

Ferris Bueller House

Anyway…back on track.  I get distracted so easily ;)

The shoes were very light and provided a surprising amount of support for running in.

I can’t wait to wear these on the beach in Cali in July!!!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

Remember, always Live Life Active !

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