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Feel Better WIAW

Posted Sep 19 2012 7:48am

I know I promised a very orange S☀S in my last WIAW, but I’ve been feeling a bit green about the gills and there’s no better remedy than the hair of the dog — or in this case, fur of the green monster?

I’ve definitely been asking to get sick this week with all of my responsibilities at the magazine as the editor, finishing up my last shifts as a hostess on the boat cruise, starting my job at Club Monaco and submitting my last freelance assignments.

Oh, and going to school full time.

It’s no wonder I’ve been a bit run down! I caught the seasonal flu on Thursday and spent a sulky, sniffly five days eating all of the green things I could get my feverish hands on. That and a bedtime my grandmother would approve of had me on the mend in no time :)

  • detoxifying green tea & cozy matcha lattes
  • tofu ricotta pasta with spinach and brussels
  • GREEN MONSTERS with coconut milk, cinnamon and whey protein
  • edamame pesto pasta with summer corn
  • the first/only figs of the season — a little late, but at least my tree is trying!

Nothing makes me feel than better than getting as much green in my system as possible, drinking lots of tea, and going to bed early. When I can’t shake a bug, I load up on oregano oil too (mama S☀S’ favorite cure-all). If I had the time, I’d be dosing up on my other miracle cure: a lineup of the movies I know by heart, like Pride and Prejudice, She’s the Man, Marie Antoinette and the Little Mermaid.
  • What are your never-fail remedies?

Stay well, bloggies! And thanks as always to Jenn:


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