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February Grocery Event: Week 4

Posted Apr 21 2011 11:55am
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Happy Thursday Wednesday! I did actually type Thursday, ugh. I've been busy today, but I wish it was the weekend already! I'm going to a blogger dinner tonight at an amazing Mexican place, so a margarita should help things :)

I never posted my groceries for this past week for the February Grocery Event , so I’ll do that now. I got some great deals this week!

At the beginning of the month, I started the February Grocery Event in order to assess how much I was spending on groceries and where I could cut back. I think overall, I’m actually happy with how much I spend. I get a lot of good deals and tend to use everything I buy!
Meal-planning also helps. I’m going to start posting my meal plans for the week, just to throw some ideas out there and to show you how I shop as opposed to showing you the “after” photo of the groceries!
If you'd like to catch up:  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Produce Dairy and Eggs
Anyway, for this week, instead of just posting a list of groceries, I'm going to show you the awesome deals I got. Here are the Dierberg's highlights:


Organic eggs - $3.29 ($.70 off coupon)
All natural local brand cheese sticks - $2.39
Smart Balance canola oil - $2.85 ($.75 off coupon)
Lipton all natural tea bags - $2.17 ($.60 off coupon)
Powerade – $.80 each (on sale)
Reynolds Wrap foil – $.85 ($.75 off coupon)
Fruit leathers – $.50 each (on sale)
Asparagus - $3.08 (now in season, so cheaper!)
Pistachios - $3.99 (on sale)
Wholly Guac salsa - $2.25 ($.50 off coupon)

I got great deals at Whole Foods, Walgreen's, and Target in the past week too. Here are the highlights
WF - Organic coconut milk - $1.00 (on sale plus $1 coupon)
WF - Organic Alexia Fries - $1.39 each (on sale plus $1 coupon each)
WF - Honey Dijon Kettle Chips - $1.98 (on sale)
WF - Organic chicken broth – FREE (on sale for $1 plus $1 coupon)
WF - Organic 4.5 lb whole chicken - $7.67 (one day sale)
WF - Organic shredded cheese - $3 each (on sale)
Target - LaCroix sparking water - $2.50 (on sale)
Target - Organic Wolfgang Puck soup – FREE ($2 plus $1 Target coupon, $1 manufacturer coupon)
Target - Organic Newman’s Own pasta sauce - $1.39 ($.50 coupon)
Target - Starbucks ice cream - $2.89 (on sale)
Walgreen's - Kettle Chips - $1.50 (on sale)

I also stocked up on some household items. I'd been holding on to coupons for a while so it was time to cash in! I'm still looking into changing over body and household products to all natural, organic, biodegradable, etc., but for now, these will do.

Walgreen's - Lysol Wipes - $1 each (BYGO plus $1 coupon)
Target - Seventh Generation dish soap – $.69 ($1 Target coupon, $1 manufacturer coupon)
Target - Finish dishwasher tablets – $4.50 (on sale 2 for $5 plus $.50 coupon, 40 tabs)
Target - Tide Free - $8.24 (on sale $2 off plus $.75 coupon)
Target - Herbal Essences shampoo - $2 each (on sale 2 for $5, plus $1 coupon)
Target - Ziploc freezer bags - $1.55 each (on sale $2.23 each, plus $1.25 coupon)
Target - Bounty basic PT - $4.49 (on sale $5.49 plus $1 coupon, 6 rolls)

As far as grocery shopping goes, this is my process:

1. Set aside planning time once a week - I take 1-2 hours every Sunday planning meals and shopping. I often start planning my meals the week before!
2. Choose how many meals you'll make that week - I keep the days fluid but stick to a certain number of meals. That way I can change up the days, but I always make what I buy for.
3. Make a list! - This is so important, I can't even tell you. I write down any meal ingredients I don't already have, plus staples, and then organize it by department, so that I'm not left going back for items or going overboard in one place.
4. It's OK to go to more than one store, if you have time - As I'm going through my regular store, if I know I can get something cheaper elsewhere, or I want organic and my grocery store doesn't carry it, I make a note and follow-up during the week to get that item.
5. Read circulars for frequented stores - I pretty much know what coupons I have by heart, so when I'm reading the store flyers for Target and Walgreen's, I will rip out any sales that match my coupons.

My biggest piece of advice about coupon matching is to start with one store!

It's easy to get intimidated by coupons and grocery store sales. Start with one store and match a coupon to a sale. Once you get the hang of doing that, you can expand!

I hope this helps. I'm still very much a beginner at meal-planning, coupon-stacking, etc., but this is how it works best for me.

Question: Do you love or hate grocery shopping? Do you meal-plan? Do you go to more than one store?
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