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February 2013 Goal Check-In and 5 for March

Posted Mar 04 2013 4:30am

Holy smokes, it’s March! How was your weekend? On Saturday when I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about this week, it struck me that it’s time for yet another monthly goal check-in. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was declaring to you what my 5 for February were, but that seems to be the case every month! Let’s have a look.

Monthly Goal Check-In

While it was a super busy month, it was also an incredibly productive one. Between making lots of kitchen magic, making yoga a weekly habit (finally!), coaching some amazing clients, and seeing friends and family, things were a-happenin’ on the blog too! Starting with…

improve blog subscription process

Well, the process is complete, but I suppose my email subscribers are the ones that should be deciding whether or not it’s improved! In case you missed it earlier this month, I launched my first free e-book, Creating a Whole Foods Lifestyle, which contains my take on what exactly a whole foods lifestyle is, a free shopping list to stock your kitchen, and 10 great recipes that prove healthy eating is delicious!

Creating a Whole Foods Lifestyle E-Book - Eat Spin Run Repeat

If you’d like to get your hot little hands on a copy, all you need to do is sign up for email updates . And of course, if you know anyone who might also enjoy this e-book, I’d love for you to send out a sweet little tweet (I’ve even written it for you!) or share the link below with them. 

Get back into doing Meatless Mondays

Accomplished! I love the challenge of creating new meatless meals, and I’ve come to find that some are even better than versions that typically contain meat. Case in point: The vegan Fiesta Wraps that I posted last Wednesday. I could eat them every night (and that’s exactly what I did for 3 nights in a row!)

Vegan Fiesta Wraps from Eat Spin Run Repeat

One of the objectives of this monthly goal was to decrease my grocery spending. This didn’t really happen, but I blame that more on the fact that making green juices on a daily basis means mowing through a TON of produce! I still plan to continue going meatless a few days per week for both monetary and health benefits.

Do a super awesome blog series on green juicing

Check! So far I’ve posted 3 parts of this 4 part series:

The fourth installment is coming up on Monday next week, and it’s my favourite of them all. You’ll see why when that day comes, but for now I’ll just say that you can expect something never before seen on this blog! Have I got you curious?!

Juicy Tidbits - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Speaking of series posts, if there’s a topic that you’d like to see me cover, whether it’s fitness, nutrition, or otherwise related to healthy living, be sure to let me know. If I can help, I most certainly will!

submit recipes

Also achieved! At the beginning of February, I shared my recipe for Zesty Pesto Quinoa Salad over on Greatist , and you can expect to see another one this Wednesday. I love the Greatist community and if you haven’t checked the site out yet, I highly recommend that you do! It’s bursting with loads of healthy living info, from strength training and cardio workouts to healthy recipes and life hacks. If you’re looking for another source of fit inspiration, Greatist is a good – no, a GREAT place to get it. Pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist!

Pesto Quinoa Salad on

I had a few other contributions planned but other priorities got in the way, so they’re still on my to-do list. Anyone want to donate about 5 hours to me? Some days I find that 24 just aren’t enough!

Finish reading May Cause Miracles

With 4 goals solidly accomplished, it’s ok to have one that I kinda sorta neglected right? This was definitely it. While I started off with the best of intentions, so many other things got in the way. I felt that if I wasn’t able to give it my full attention, I should wait until I could dedicate the time to each day’s work.

May Cause Miracles

If you’re not familiar with May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein , it’s a 40-day guide, so there’s a little reading assignment for the morning and evening each day. Part of me keeps saying that there’s never an ‘ideal time’ for anything, and it’s when life is busy that these sorts of grounding activities are most important, but then the realist in me creeps in and says I should be focusing on the other tasks that are demanding my attention. Like goal #2, this is something I’m going to continue pursuing.

And with that, it’s time to declare my new focuses for this month!

5 Goals for March

1. Create and start my half marathon training plan.

With my first race of the year coming up in May, I want to start focusing on preparing myself to run as best as I can. My goal is to break 1:30, and I know that in order to run fast, you’ve gotta train fast! I’ll be creating my training plan this month and plan to share it during a Fit Bit Friday post.

2. Add 15 mins of extra core work into my strength workouts 3x per week.

As a follow-on to the previous goal, I’m trying to do everything possible to prepare myself for these 2 races and avoid the annoying, frustrating injuries that I dealt with last year. The core is SO important when it comes to efficient running mechanics so I’m going to get mine primed up before outdoor training starts. Back extensions (my love to hate move): I’m comin’ atcha!

3. Start (and possibly finish) my next e-book!

Work for this is already underway, and although I’m keeping the topic quiet for now, I’m pretty sure you’re going to find it to be an incredibly useful tool Stay tuned!

4. Get my taxes done.

I loathe it but it’s one of those have-to-do’s, just like paying car insurance and renewing a driver’s license. Luckily neither of those have to happen this month, but I want to get my taxes out of the way ASAP, mainly because I’m anticipating a refund this year. WOOT WOOT!

5. Investigate treatments for adult acne.

I’m sure anyone who has dealt with acne for as long as I have would agree that it’s an enormous pain. As I’ve described before, I’ve been on everything from the pill to Accutane, and actually achieved some great results. However, lately my skin has been going CRAZY, and I really want to do something about the scarring that has accumulated over the years. Therefore, I’m planning to discuss glycolic peels with my doctor and see if what she recommends works. I’ll keep you posted!

Alright, that’s more than enough about me. Let’s hear it:

  • What’s something you did in February that you’re super proud of? Come on, toot your horn!
  • What are you focusing on this month?
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