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Feb 26, It's WE TRIED IT! Friday. This Week: Minute Maid Fruit Falls Water Beverage

Posted Feb 26 2010 7:17am
This week I purchased MINUTE MAID FRUIT FALLS Water Beverage for my daughter. From the packaging they looked like a good way to get her to drink more water. It said it was filtered water with a splash of fruit juice. Looked good to me! It didn't contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors, so it seemed like a good choice. Too bad I didn't see one of the ingredients close to the bottom of the list! SUCRALOSE. (I didn't follow my own rule of carefully looking at food labels!! Maybe that was because I was breaking another one of my rules and took both of my angels with me to the store! Anyway...) SUCRALOSE is the same chemical compound as SPLENDA. And I personally avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague. Especially for my children! BOTTOM LINE: I will just continue to give my children milk or water (with a splash of REAL fruit juice straight from the fruit itself) and stop trying to trust all these "convenience foods".
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