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Feb 13, It's WE TRIED IT! Friday. This Week: FOOD FOR KIDS DVD

Posted Feb 12 2010 5:15pm
I was approached a few weeks ago about reviewing a new kid's DVD called FOOD FOR KIDS with Chef Joseph Ciminera. Here is what my family thought: The DVD is actually full of some really great recipes for healthy meals and snacks that generally my daughter liked. (That's saying something.) Chef Ciminera walks you through many of the recipes on the DVD and you can download the recipes online. THINGS WE LIKED: Many of the recipes were very delicious and all of the are healthy for you. I liked some of the substitutions made for a healthier meal (like using low-fat cream cheese instead of mayo in the chicken salad.) I also liked the daily meal plan that included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 3 snacks. Gave us lots of variety (and more food than we could eat some days!) THINGS THAT MIGHT NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE: You have to be willing to be in the kitchen and prepare meals. I personally cook every night and prepare ahead for the week on Mondays. If you aren't into cooking, this might seem overwhelming. But, it really is the only way to have healthy meals for your family. I don't own a dehydrater, so some of the recipes I couldn't fix. For example, I just bought granola in the health food section instead of making it. Some of the ingredients could be somewhat expensive. I had to wait and find sales before having all the ingredients for a few of these recipes. There are a few things my 5 year old WILL NOT EAT. Olives being one of them. She wasn't a super huge fan of the spinach in the chicken breast either. So, I only put the cheese in hers. (Sorry. I have to do what I have to do! She wouldn't have eaten the chicken at all otherwise!) All in all, I really like the healthy recipes. I plan on using them again!!!
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