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Features of the Dell Latitude C400 Power Adapter

Posted Nov 25 2013 9:37am

When purchasing a laptop, it is your desire that you will be able to get the one that offers the best battery life. The  Dell Latitude C400 Power Adapter  is the best adapter for laptop. It is made with quality and standard to ensure that you are not disappointed in its performance. The adapter comes in different makes and forms all of which ensure standard are tested and approved for use by Dell.


The power supply and the battery for this laptop are manufactured with high lithium ion to make sure it gives you maximum service. To enhance power release when the laptop is running as well as store power during charging, the battery is connected in parallel. This is one measure that is undertaken during the making of the battery to ensure it has a prolonged life. In case you want to replace the original battery you bought your laptop with, it should also be able to meet these specifications.


To further ensure the  Dell Latitude C400 battery  security, it is has inbuilt circuit breaker which prevents any chances of blowing in case of overheating of power shortcake from the Supply. In case you have power problems, Dell laptop is made in such a way that will ensure your laptop is safe from blowing. The inbuilt thermostat in the battery also ensures your own safety as well as that of your machine.


DELL Latitude C400 Laptop Battery


Depending on the user’s requirements, Dell Latitude C400 battery comes in distinguished capacities. There is the 4400mAh replacement battery, made of 6 Li-ion cells and has 10.8V voltage. 5200mAh has 6 Li-ion cells and a 10.V voltage. 6600mAh has 10.8V voltage and made of 9 lithium ion cells. Finally there is the 8800mAh which has 10.8V too but made of 12 Li-ion cells.


Depending on the amount of power you use on your extension, there are different types of adapter that you can choose. There is the 90W  Dell Latitude C400 Power Supply  which has a 250V AC input and 18.5V output. It has a 2 or 3 pin plug and you have a choice to buy the one that fits you. The 65W adapter also has a two and a three pin plug giving you a choice too. This one has an AC input of 100-250V and 3.5A output.


The charger for this is available from leading Dell Pavilion dealers. The batteries can also be purchased online. With this battery, you are assured of quality and no more insecurity about running out of power in the middle of a task. In the end, making the perfect selection depends on the dealers where you will go to.


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