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Fear of Training

Posted Jan 11 2013 7:00am

I have found that the largest hurdle in my life is always my own fear. Some people may not consider the fact that fear is holding them back, but whenever I hesitate, or stumble, or approach something with less enthusiasm than I should,  I analyze it and decide that it is fear. 

I think that many people are afraid of looking foolish. I love laughing and actually find some of the best situations are when I do something that I can laugh at, that seems to be quite often. I rarely try to be serious. 

I think that many people are afraid of failing. Who ever started out being able to do something right the very first time? You learned to roll over, crawl, walk and then run. It takes time. Why do so many people feel they need to be "experts" at something the first time they try it?

I think many people live lives that are boring and predictable because they are afraid to venture out into something new, it's like a prison. I know people who won't go out dancing because they "can't dance". I hate to burst your bubble, but it's the people who CAN dance that we are all looking at! 

Everyone is afraid of something. But how often do they think about that fear and the reality of it? Spiders....I am scared of spiders. So what does that prevent me from doing? Hmmm...digging in wood piles; sorting through old papers, sleeping in my bedroom sometimes. Yes indeed, I won't sleep in there if there is a big hairy spider in there. It might crawl on me. It might bite me. Right...that's so stupid! The damn thing is probably scared of me! I am working on it, believe me.

I think people tend to forget that each day could be their last, most of us won't win the lottery (heck, I don't even buy tickets, so I definitely won't be winning!);  it's unfortunate that fears hold some people back from experiencing thrilling events that can enrich their lives for the remainder of their years.

Think about your fears. Think about your satisfaction with your life. If throwing caution to the wind might make things just a little more thrilling.....stop letting fear hold you back.

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