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Favourite Things – Spring 2013 Edition

Posted Mar 25 2013 4:30am

Today I MUST tell you about these things.

1. Inno-Vite DDS Original Probiotics.

Oh my, friends, if there’s ever been a magical white powder that makes you feel amazing (and that’s legal), this is it!! I’ve experimented with a few different types of probiotic supplements in the past, including powders and capsules that are dry-filled, as well as those that need to be kept refrigerated. I’ve never really noticed a difference with any of them, but recently I was having a Skype date with one of my blog besties, Leanne , and she recommended DDS Original Probiotics by Inno-Vite . I ordered a few bottles of the powdered version to see if they were all she’d talked them up to be, and so far they have TOTALLY exceeded my expectations!

Inno-Vite DDS Original Probiotics

I’ve got the 2.5oz bottle pictured here . Each 1/4 tsp serving contains 5 billion colony forming units of Lactobacillus acidophilus, also known as the good bacteria that lives inside our bodies and helps defend against nasty bacteria while promoting healthy digestion. It’s meant to be taken on an empty stomach, so I typically take my 1/4 tsp dose before breakfast and I have to admit that after only about 1 month of using it, I’ve noticed an ENORMOUS difference in my digestion. Probiotics for the win!

2. Coco-Lemon Thai white tea from David’s Tea.

While days filled with sun tans, shorts, flip flops and patios still feel a long ways away, the tea of the month at David’s Tea,  Coco-Lemon Thai reminds me of a tropical beach. It also reminds me of key lime or lemon meringue pie, and I think I drank about 8 cups of it yesterday. Oh. My. Gawwwwwwwwwwsh. You guys, you have to get your hands on some. Copabanana was good, but this one is all kinds of awesome. Coco-Lemon Thai is a white tea with bits of ginger, coconut, and lemongrass… and I’m Obsessed. Obsessed with a capital O.

coco-lemon thai - davids tea

3. Overjoyed by Matchbox Twenty.

I have my dad to thank for buying my first Matchbox Twenty CD when I was a kid – without him, I’d have had a collection that consisted of nothing but the likes of Hanson, Spice Girls, *NSync, The Moffats, Britney Spears and Jewel. They’ve recently come out with a new album, North. This song, Overjoyed ‘, is chilled out, relaxing, and it has that distinct Rob Thomas sound that you’ll find in all of Matchbox Twenty’s albums. I hope you enjoy Overjoyed too!

4. Lip balms from Orange Thyme on Etsy.

Everyone loves to be spoiled on their birthdays (and rightly so!) but once a year is a long time to wait. Lucky for me, I’ve got an awesome sister who likes to celebrate half-birthdays, and this month happens to be the month of mine! (August 15th is my real birthday, so I suppose the precise half would be March 7th.) After a recent rough day, I was completely over the moon when I found a little parcel in my post box containing these:

orange thyme lip balms

These are all-natural lip balms from the Orange Thyme shop on Etsy, and they have got to be the softest, silkiest lip balms I’ve ever owned. Their ingredients include avocado oil (a natural sunblock), cocoa butter, candelilla wax, shea butter, and natural and essential oils.

orange thyme lip balm ingredients

My sister bought me 4 delicious flavours – key lime pie, pina colada, lavender lemonade, and blackberry jam. I’m already lining up my next lip balm order – honeycrisp apple, meyer lemon cupcake, toasted coconut, frozen banana, and creamsicle. Ooh, and maybe the Thai Coconut Perfume Oil as well, just for good measure. I have a feeling I could keep the shop owner, Rachel, in business for a very long time!

5. Joe Fresh sports bras

While I LOVE shopping for workout clothes, one thing I don’t love buying is sports bras. This is primarily because they cost as much as a full top and no one even sees them except for me. A couple of weeks ago I was at Superstore because I wanted to check out the Joe Fresh brightly coloured jeans (I walked away disappointed – all the pairs felt really crusty, but that’s just my opinion). Instead, I ended up leaving with 3 Joe Fresh sports bras, 2 black and one pink. These ones are padded (lovely for not-so-well-endowed girls like moi) and cost $16 each.

joe fresh sports bras

I’ve worn them for a lot of my workouts lately and am pleased to report that they do their job very well! The girls at the cash register that day told me that the Joe Fresh sports bras are made by the same manufacturer as La Senza, so I had a good feeling about them from the start. I’ll save my big bucks for visible clothes and take my $16 sports bras, thankyouverymuch.

6. Bruises by Train ft. Ashley Monroe.

Ohmygoodnessgracious. I can’t get enough of this song! I’ve been a long-time Train fan, ever since Drops of Jupiter came out in 2001 and I was 13. Their concert that I went to in Toronto where they opened for John Mayer was amazing, and I’m already loving their new album, California 37. I heard  Bruises on the radio on the way home from work last week, Shazaam-ed it, and downloaded it immediately. Super catchy, upbeat, and perfect for listening to on a patio with a cold drink in your hand on a nice hot day (if we ever get one of those….)

7. Undiet by Meghan Telpner.

I’m so so proud of my buddy Meghan , who has just published her book Undiet . In case you haven’t heard about her yet, Meghan is a former Chron’s disease sufferer and she healed herself through food. Like me, Meghan is all about getting people to pay attention to their food, skip the processed stuff and learn how to best discern what our own bodies need. Undiet is packed full of advice on how you can make your life more awesome and vibrant by doing what’s right for your body. It hit #7 in Amazon’s Top 100 last weekend, and I’m so proud to be one of the stops on her virtual book tour . Eat Spin Run Repeat is the finale stop, so you can expect to hear much more from about the book (plus a fun chat with Meghan!) on August 30th. In the meantime, here’s a little book trailer sneak peek !

8. Anything in mint, turqouise, or teal.

I’m obsessed. Like 100% weak at the knees, giddy as a child with a sugar high, just-can’t-freaking-wait to add more teal and mint coloured clothing to my already teal-dominant spring wardrobe.

My tuquoise and teal obsession

So tell me..

What are you loving these days? Lastly the winner of my Cookin’ Greens giveaway is Christine at Gotta Eat Green . Congrats girl! I’ll be in touch shortly to get your shipping info and your cooler bag and coupon will soon be on their way!

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