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Favourite Things – June 2013 Edition

Posted Jun 17 2013 4:30am

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? Did you spend some time making the men in your life feel special on Father’s Day? I had a FaceTime date with my dad yesterday and even though it’s not the same as being face-to-face, it’s better than nothing, and much better than paying $4000 which is the current fare for a round trip flight to the Middle East. What did we do before the internet!?

dad and i in vancouver 2012

It’s been a while since I did a post about things I’m currently loving, and I’ve had a list going for the last couple of months that I’m excited to share with you today. So without further delay…

1. Barlean’s Total Omega 3-6-9 Swirl.

Answer me this: When it comes to getting your healthy fats, would you rather:

  1. Eat real food that contains these fats, like salmon, nuts, and seeds?
  2. Choke back a capsule that tastes like plastic and is the size of a horse pill?
  3. Slurp up a spoonful of high quality healthy fats that taste like a decadent, luscious orange creamsicle?

My first answer is #1, but my second answer is #2. Even I, the girl who loves salmon almost as much as she loves carrots and watermelon (and that’s a lot) probably don’t get enough omega-3 healthy fats each day. I’ve gagged on enormous fish oil pills, but continued to take them because I knew I should. After all, the omegas (3, 6, and 9) are brilliant for cardiovascular support, reducing inflammation, and keeping our skin looking vibrant and healthy.

Barlean's Total Omega 3-6-9

I first tried Barlean’s Omega Swirl one day when a product demonstrator was offering samples at Whole Foods. I certainly consumed (and probably exceeded) my recommended daily intake of omegas that day – all of the flavours were delicious! There are all sorts of blends – fish oil (in key lime, lemon, mango peach, and pina colada), flax oil (blackberry and strawberry banana), and omega 3-6-9 swirl (the creamsicle flavour that I have) are just a few. Barlean’s also makes a vegan omega 3-6-9 swirl in blueberry pomegranate, which tastes brilliant like all the rest.

Barlean's Total Omega 3-6-9

The product had been in the back of my mind ever since that day at Whole Foods, and about two months ago I ordered a few bottles. You can stir it into smoothies or yogurt, or just slurp it straight up from a spoon each day, which is what I prefer to do because it tastes so good!

2. Nori.

Yes, it’s the toasted seaweed that’s used to make sushi, and yes, I like it plain! Lately I’ve been making heaps of wraps like  this one with my nori sheets, but if I’m just looking for a snack, I’ll tear up a couple of pieces and eat them like chips. Seaweed is wonderful for supporting your thyroid , which is crucial for so many things, from determining how fast your body uses energy to hormone production. Health benefits aside, it’s delicious and makes for a very convenient gluten free, grain free wrap substitute. This is exactly what I used it for yesterday…

Nori wrap stuffed with tuna, cucumber, peppers, avocado, and cilantro.

Stuffed with tuna,cucumber, peppers, avocado, and cilantro.

(and if you missed my  Big Fat Nori Wraps a couple of weeks ago, be sure to check em out!)

3. Satsuma Body Butter from The Body Shop

Do you have a scent that reminds you of your childhood every time you come in contact with it? I’m not talking about those less-than-desirable scents, like the cigarette smoke that has become forever absorbed into the seats of his car. I’m talking about the ones that made you happy and to this day, continue to do so. I have a couple of these: the smell of Trident citrus gum (that’s the yellow package), and the smell of my aunt’s house. Her perfume is Dune by Christian Dior and smelling it reminds me of the fun summers I spent at her house lounging by the pool with my cousin, making those knotted friendship bracelets (because we were so super cool). And here’s another one:

Satsuma Body Butter

Satsuma is by far the best scent that The Body Shop has ever carried in my humble opinion, and I remember when I was about 5 an got my first kid-sized satsuma shower gel. If you’ve never smelled it, just know that it’s lovely. Recently I found out that The Body Shop was having a 70% off sale, so as a treat to myself on my first day of my new job last week, I purchased an enormous satsuma shower gel and jumbo satsuma body butter.

Satsuma Shower Gel - The Body Shop

If you smell mandarin oranges, chances are I’m in the vicinity. ;)

4. Lululemon’s Power Y Tanks.

In the past, I’ve been alllll about the Cool Racerback . They’re the perfect tank for long-torso-ed ladies like me and come in all sorts of fun colours. The Power Y tank has been avoided because the first one I ever tried was far too short and not flattering in the slightest. It wasn’t until I was making some crucial purchase decisions in the changing room last month that one of the women working at Lulu informed me that they’d changed the style slightly and the newer Power Y tanks are longer. I was hooked after trying on a couple, and my collection has continued to expand. My bank account on the other hand, is moving in the opposite direction….

The Lululemon Power Y Tank

5. Anything on the BBQ.

I said at the beginning of June that I was going to be doing lots of grilling this month, and even though I think we’ve had more rainy days than sunny ones, my BBQ has been getting a lot of action! My favourite creation so far has been this….

Thai Burger

…. which I’ll post the recipe for soon!

So tell me…

  • What have you been loving lately?
  • What’s your favourite thing to cook on the grill? Mine is cedar planked salmon…. mmmmm!

Lastly, if you’ve been trying to eat a little cleaner and need an extra boost, check out the following review posts from some of my blogger friends, who recently got their hands on a copy of my latest e-book, Living the Whole Foods Lifestyle: A Complete Guide for Fast (Clean!) Food :

If you’re interested, you can  hook yourself up here !

And with that, have a lovely day and I’ll see ya back here on Wednesday with a crazy delicious recipe of the week. Those of you with a sweet tooth are definitely going to enjoy it! :)

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