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favorite healthy snacks

Posted Feb 08 2013 10:22pm
Whenever I'm stuck at home or in the library all day, writing or reading for hours upon end, there is one thing (other than coffee, of course) that keeps me going: food!

When I was in college I used to get through long nights of paper-writing with Dominos, breadsticks, and coke. Thankfully, I know better now, and I've kicked the late-night Dominos habit. But my stomach, day or night, still fuels my brain when I'm working.

At this point I think its a mere oral fixation. For some reason, if I'm munching, I'm much more productive. But since I sit at my desk for hours a day working on a handful of large tasks, I have to be careful what I consume.

It's a battle we're all fighting, especially with so much crap on the shelves, so I thought I'd share my favorite healthy snacks with you. Whether you're using them to fuel your writing, a workout, or just tide you over until your next meal, these are sure to deliver. Enjoy!

Clockwise from top left: Snikiddy cheese puffs, Girl Gone
Country's Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt, Creamy White Bean
and Broccoli Dip from the Realistic Nutritionist, and good
ol' popcorn. 

1. Sometimes I just crave salty, crunchy goodness, but don't want the calories and fat that usually come with chips. Thankfully, we recently discovered Snikiddy  snack foods on a trip to Whole Foods, and I am totally sold! These little snacks resemble cheese doodles but don't come with any of the associated nastiness. Take a look at the nutrition facts:

I'd say they stack up pretty well for a snack food!

2. Popcorn is also in this category, and is actually quite healthy if you season it yourself. Using olive oil and salt is one tip. When I'm feeling like something really decadent I go for a little melted organic butter and salt.

3. Low-fat, high-protein, easy homemade dips paired with veggies. The other day Mike and I made a very simple dip that packed a punch of veggies and protein, since it was bean and broccoli based. We threw the ingredients in the food processor on Sunday before the Superbowl and we still have plenty of dip left over. You can prep your veggies ahead as well which will leave you with a long-lasting, easily prepared snack for the whole week. 

4. Lately I've also been obsessed with Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt . It doesn't have quite the munch factor as some of the other finger foods on this list, but that does not diminish its nutritional value! Greek yogurt is protein-packed by itself, but when combined with peanut butter, you can be sure it will keep up full for hours! I reach for this snack when I want something sweet that isn't fruit. Kudos to Girl Gone Country for coming up with this ingenious combination!

5. Trail mix is another favorite to crunch on. I often buy my trail mixes in bulk from Whole Foods. My favorite is a mixture of dried dates, raisins, cranberries, apricots, various nuts, and sunflower seeds. Yum! I could eat handful after handful of this stuff. Trader Joe's also has some yummy combinations, like "Nuts about Berries and Chocolate" though I find them to be rather expensive. The great thing about trail mix is you can always make your own!

What is your favorite snack? Do you munch when you work?
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