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Father's Day at Macchu Pichu

Posted Oct 06 2010 12:00am
My tummy is killing me so I had a late snack.. if you will! Apple Cinnamon Oats (365 W.F.) with a half of a FiberWise light multi-grain english muffin and peppermint tea (Lipton Herbal). I put a scoop of organic peanut butter (365 W.F.) and a splash of Almond Milk on top. Mmmm. Delish. And I think it's working ;)

I have this cute little antique side table with a mirror on it and I swear there couldn't be enough junk on it. I sad my food down, took a pic, and realized just how grose it was. Now you all see :) haha.

I'm glad to be home winding down at this time. Up until about almost 3 months ago I was commuting an hour and a half to work and back everyday. I did that for 3 years. From Revere, from Reading, and from Billerica. Insane! You just get used to not having to drive. Grab your book (or laptop), beats, coffee, and commuter rail pass and that's all you needed. Crowded and loud of people on the phone. Who the hell needs to use the phone at 7am to talk to someone. Come on! So rude. Some people have no self awareness. But anyways... that part of my life is over. I am blessed to have a job that is a mile and a half from my house now. We are an online pc services company and we are actually growing in this crazy economy. I came on as a Technical Recruiter, recruiting for all positions but because of what we do that's my title.

I've been recruiting for about 3 years now and I love what I do. It's such a rush. You have a mission: find the perfect employee via online boards (Monster, Careerbuilder, HotJobs, Craigslist, blogs, networking groups like LinkedIn, etc.), interview them via phone then set up a time for the hiring manager to meet them then maybe a second or third interview then present the offer. Getting the deal, closing the deal. Fun fun. In recruiting, everyday is different. You have to be creative in how you find someone because you can't get all of your talent from one place. That's how I became such a networker and social individual. Now I'm hooked on the whole Social Media bit. It kind of gave me the idea for my blogging. What's my mission? To be social, and green. So there we go! :D

I'm always up for the next project, and I like to think of myself as an entrepreneur. Did I spell that right? Haha. I always have some new idea, but I love it because I think a lot of people wish they were as creative as me ;) I'm kidding lol. More than anything I love socializing and finding out what's going on, what's the new "black" in regards to technology, food, fashion, events, etc. Those are the things that excite me and its pretty much a hobby. People like to read books, a lot of bloggers that I am getting to know love to run, love to cook, love to do charity work, love to garden, love to bake. Me... I love a lot of things. I think its part of being an Aquarius as well. I'm glad I "fell" into recruiting because I'd probably be doing something that wouldn't allow me to pay my bills and get the rush that I love so much. I'm kind of an "all over the place" type of person. My boyfriend always says "ugh, what now?" and I just laugh. Well he does too (thank God). My parents get a kick out of me and my crazy ideas.

What do I see myself doing in the future? Creating a brand for myself. I love so many things, why stick to just one idea?? I had a blog during the time that I was doing my unfinished 2 years in college and it was a great experience. I had a lot of followers, but not in the best way. At that state in my life I was a alittle too outspoken and didn't realize it was public, if you catch my drift ;) But I lived and learned... and deleted it. Now I have a sole purpose for this blog and I'm excited to meet new people and get the input of others in my process of branding my healthy green dream!

Hopefully over the next month, instead of sitting around wasting time, I'll begin to build something for myself. Something that I enjoy and can really dive into. I have a few ideas and the next steps are just researching and networking. Networking... um... duh! Haha.

Okay, enough about me... that's all for now!

Ciao- (really, that's the last "ciao" for the night!) xxx- Q

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