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Fat Transfer - Increase Breast Volume without Implants

Posted Dec 17 2012 9:22am

If you want to achieve fuller and well-shaped breasts without the insertion of a medical device such as an implant, opt for fat transfer. Breast augmentation through fat grafts offers a natural method to increase breast volume. This breast augmentation method uses your own fat cells to enlarge your breasts. Any woman who is healthy can choose this option.


Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement Procedure offers Many Benefits


In this procedure, fat grafts are taken from areas with excess fat such as the stomach and thighs via liposuction. This process is fat harvesting. Established plastic surgery facilities offer liposuction fat transfer, using the latest liposuction technology for safe and uncomplicated removal of adipose tissue. The removed fat is then purified and injected into the breasts to increase volume.

  • Natural look and long lasting results: Breast augmentation through fat grafting method gives your breasts a more natural look than with artificial implants. Results last longer
  • Safe and risk free procedure: Fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure. The fat grafting method is free from large scars, and implant associated problems such as rippling, ruptures, and breast feeding issues. As one’s own fat is used, the risk of inserting a foreign object in the body is avoided.
  • Effective for breast reconstruction: The fat grafting method is an ideal way to improve on the results of breast reconstruction following mastectomy.
  • Dual advantages: A patient with excessive fat can gain in two ways:
  1. Fat harvesting from specific areas improves body contour in those areas
  2. Use of this fat to enhance breast size and volume
  • Minimal discomfort and quick recovery: Dis comfort is minimal as there are no incisions and recovery is quicker.
  • Minimal complications: Complications are very rare in case of fat transfer breast enhancement.
  • Relatively painless: Instead of incisions as in implants, liposuction fat transfer and fat injections are minimally invasive.
  • Minimal downtime: Minor scars like pinholes may appear which is visible temporarily.
  • No need for further surgery: There is no need for further surgery, as may be necessary to replace damaged or ruptured implants


Success with Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


Success with fat harvesting for breast enhancement depends on choosing the right  plastic surgeon. Not all surgeons are experts in this surgery. So make sure the surgeon you choose has sufficient experience to provide you with safe and effective fat transfer to enhance breast volume without implants. Follow all the instructions prescribed by your surgeon to ensure a smooth and safe recovery.
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