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Fat Talk Free Week and #LoveYourBody Day #EndFatTalk #bodyimage

Posted Oct 19 2011 11:00am

Fat Talk Free Week began on Sunday and to top it off today is LOVE YOUR BODY DAY.  As I am an advocate for both ending fat talk and loving your body, I couldn’t help but write a post dedicated to both!

Although I believe in being “fat talk” free year round, I appreciate the opportunity that Fat Talk Free Week gives us.  It reminds us of the significance of our words and encourages us to be more aware of how we talk to/about ourselves, our friends, our family members, our coworkers or classmates, and even strangers.

In the same way, I love today’s reminder to love OUR bodies by caring for them not bashing them.  Our bodies are not ornaments.  Our bodies are vehicles that our minds and souls live in.  I hope you Love YOUR body not based only on how it looks but because it is yours, it is unique, and it allows you to do what you love to do.

I encourage each of you to watch this video on fat talking and its consequences.  Afterward, make a pledge to yourself to change the conversation and make peace with your body !

Start changing your view of bodies by thinking about what you appreciate (aka love) your body for:

-Are you free from disease/illness?

-Does your body allow you to accomplish activities that bring you closer to your dreams?

-Are you good at a hobby, activity, or sport?

-Can you hug a loved one or friend?

-Do you like your smile?

-Is there a personality trait that you appreciate about yourself? (caring, hardworking, responsible, compassionate, etc)

Next, literally start changing the conversations you have.  Talk about important events in your life, relationships, health, etc. 

This starts the next time you are in front of the mirror, talking with a group of friends or family members, in a dressing room, at the gym, or _______.  Are YOU going to change the conversation to life and health NOT weight and size?  I hope so! Join the challenge: End Fat Talk  and body bashing (not just for 1 week or 1 day) but for life!

This post is by Janet Zimmerman, a University of Memphis Nutrition Student and Schilling Nutrition Therapy, LLC Intern. You can follow Janet on Twitter as well at

This post is part of the 2011 Love Your Body Day Blog Carnival

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