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Fat-Melting Fabulous Walking Workouts

Posted Oct 07 2010 12:03am

Walking is a low impact exercise that is forgiving on the ankle, knee and hip and could be done at any location or time. A supporting set of functional well-fit and cushioned shoes is the only pre-requisite for getting started. Walking offers numerous health benefits like combating porous bone condition by augmenting bone density.

Prior to getting started on any form of exercise regime it is always prudent to seek advice of your doctor.


Walking exerciseWalk-to-jog is a means of revving up calorie melting in one’s weight-reduction training. Alternating in-between walk and jog intervals, employing time intervals/signposts for determining one’s distances. Jog intervals don’t have be far-flung or speedy; some extent of jogging melts additional calories & augments intensity in workouts . In case one plans to jog for a minimal extent then shoes intended for walkers could be used. But in case one decides to raise the end-to-end distance and extent of jog intervals then it is best to wear shoes specifically created for runners.

Power Walks

Power walks are energetic types of walks employed the complete body for calorie-melting at a quicker pace as compared to moderately strolling. It is best to start power walks with 3-5 minutes in a slacker speed for muscle warming. No sooner has this been achieved then begin picking up speed and focussing on potent arm swing motions. The elbows are to be kept bended & hands opened with the palm areas to face inwards. The hands are to be moved up to the height of your shoulders on the forwards swings and backwards by the hips during the back swings. One should be laying emphasis to land on the middle foot and to roll off one’s toes during all feet strokes. Ideally perspiration should set in within 5-10 minutes and one should work at a seven/eight intensity level on a scaling of one to 10.

Strength-Interval Walking

This involves alternating in-between episodes of moderate-intensity walks and strength-training sections. Treadmills & mixed weights could be employed during such workout or it could be done outdoors employing body-weight during strength-intervals. Incorporating time intervals into such a workout form helps improve its efficacy. Watches which are easily readable could be used for this purpose.

    Walking for 3 minutes at medium/high intensity, around seven to nine on a scaling of one to ten. Now performing strength-training for ninety seconds till 2 minutes. In case one is outdoors then one could start doing walk lunge, squat, inclined push-up & triceps dip moves by making use of benches in parks & heels raised off of curbs. Picking 1 exercise during every strength-interval & working out for no less than half-an-hour.
Speed Interval Walking
    It is an effectual means of burning additional calories in walking workouts and a great metabolism-booster thus melting additional calories all through and subsequent to walks. Try using landmark, for instance, in case one is outdoors then using residence, mailbox or light post as landmark. Subsequent to a short warming-up walk, picking up speed to a comfortable medium speed at around work-level six in a scaling of one to ten. Walking for the span of 4 signposts then increasing the speed to work-levels eight to nine for duo signposts. Alternating in-between these duo intensity levels for the span of one’s walk. While one works at high intensity, some extent of breathlessness must arise – indicative of a good workout.
    Stretching at the conclusion of one’s walking workouts for preventing any rigidity and injury. Using steps or curbs for mildly pressing the heel downwards and then stretch the heel & ankle. Subsequently, with straightened legs, leaning forwards from the hip area as one reaches towards the toe region for stretching the hams and lower-part of the back. Eventually, hands are to be placed on the lower part of your back, engaging the gluteal muscles and then mildly pressing the hip area forwards for opening the hip flexor muscles. Holding every stretch for no less than thirty seconds & doing deep breathing to assist in recovering cardiac rate and for muscle relaxation.
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