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Fashion Week--Seana

Posted Mar 21 2013 9:00am
I am extremely fashion challenged.  I am envious of those that can put together an adorable outfit by mixing and matching, colors patterns an textures.  It has never been easy for me to go to a store and pick out an outfit.  In fact on many occasions when I have needed something for an event my husband has been the one to pull me together.  I swear I could send that man into a store without a clue as to what I'm looking for and he would come back with the perfect thing for me.

That's why you will notice that for an evening out I've chosen very simple, classic items.  That way there is no chance of a mistake and no matter how long it sits in my closet it will still be in fashion when I need it.
night out

night out by ladiesholiday featuring bracelet jewelry

I think because fashion was always such a challenge for me, my wardrobe was easily the first to go when the budget got tight.  Because I was no longer working and was usually covered in whatever my kids were eating and often their bodily fluids it became less important what I was wearing.  The kids were growing and needed new things all the time, my husband works in an office and needs to look presentable.

I really feel like I've lost touch with what I actually like and what would look good on me.  At this point in time I literally have two pairs of shoes, sneakers and some high black leather boots which I only wear when I have to dress up and it's cold out.  Which isn't often, and is just as well since I really only have two semi dressy outfits, which I've owned since before I had kids, so at least 11 years LOL!

The other things I'm wearing are some jeans, shorts and t shirts that I've also owned for ages.  I really must go shopping, problem is I don't know where to start and the budget is tight!

This is an example of what I would like to wear, cute and comfy.  When you are the mom you need a good sized tote to lug all the families stuff around like sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, water and snacks.

day out
day out by ladiesholiday featuring apt 9 capris
Fashion is yet another area where my daughter and I have had many a heated discussion.  She is about to turn 10 and since she was probably 4 she has been asking me why I don't wear heels and make up all the time. Once on a trip to Target we saw a very well put together mom, head to toe perfection.  Cute outfit, make up, hair done and heels.  Gigi was about seven and really put the pressure on me, asking why I don't want to dress nice or look good.  Well I ended up feeling so bad about myself I yelled at her and asked her where she thought I was going to get all the time and money for shopping.  I still feel bad about this, I could have handled it so much better than I did. 

Truth is I used to love to wear makeup and take an hour to do my hair.  Before we had kids I could spend $100 on pants if they were the only ones I could find to fit. Even then I didn't like to spend that much but could if I needed to.  So this year since I'm essentially starting from scratch I hope my daughter will help me find my sense of style and be my shopping buddy.  I hope I can teach her how to find good stuff without spending a fortune.

Below is an ensemble she put together for me, and with the exception of the lipstick and nail polish colors I really like it! I am however shocked there are no heels LOL!

Gigi's Choice by ladiesholiday featuring macs cosmetics

If you are shopping for new items this Spring I wish you lots of luck finding things you like that are also budget friendly.

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