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FASHION accessories

Posted Mar 09 2013 2:04am
Stay Cool at the Beach 
You've only got two hands. How does she expect you to carry the blanket, the umbrella, the cooler and the volleyball to the beach? Ogio's Water Gear Cool Packer can help. Its insulated bottom carries up to two six-packs and ice. The shoulder bag also has a zipper compartment for stowing wet clothes. Price: $42 

Best Supporting Actor 
It takes a certain daring to tinker with the design of the jockstrap, don't you think? It was good enough for your pop when he was a lifeguard at the community pool. It should be good enough for you. Flying in the face of such athletic-support orthodoxy is a company called Ruds. Their Supports Shorts offer all the buttressing value of the old jockstrap--but without the chafing. The shorts are Lycra with a nylon lining that supports you and also wicks moisture away from your skin. In briefs or jockey shorts. Price: $18 and $27 respectively. 

Caddy Step 
If you want to get a better workout on the links, you know darn well you should walk, not ride. Trouble is, when you carry your clubs, you're toting around an uneven load--not so great for the back. Enter the IZZO Dual Strap, which, as the name suggests, cradles your bag between two straps instead of one. It's as if the whole deal were a long, slim backpack balanced nicely between your shoulders. Price: $29.95 

Current Hits 
Swimming laps in a pool is great exercise, though somewhat lacking in entertainment value. We know a guy who went so far as to rig his Walkman for pool use. Spoiled a perfectly good unit, too. That was before Speedo made Surf Runner, a water-resistant FM radio that dips to your goggle straps. It's about the size of a pack of Tic-Tacs and weighs less than one ounce. The device features a search button. Price: $40 

Cliff Cleaving 
One of the things rock climbers hate most is their shoes coming undone when they're halfway up a granite cliff. That can't happen if you're wearing the Super X slipper from La Spottiva. Its Velcro fasteners crisscross over the tongue to lock your foot in place. The sole, made of super-sticky robber, is so thin you can actually grasp holds with your toes. Price: $119 

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