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Fascinating Food

Posted Dec 30 2012 7:06pm

While playing a game with my younger siblings, I discovered that we are indeed of the same blood line. I asked a question, and my brother answered perfectly.


I would have to agree to a degree, one of the most fascinating things about being a human is comprehending the amazing flavors of different foods. I’ve been away from home, but I haven’t been slacking in the food department. My Arizonian family agreed to go to a vegan restaurant with me and fortunately for me this restaurant is located in Seattle too!

20121230-162959Started with an Asian style soup, and a sip of my dads Indian style chai.


I love Asian food, but I like getting American style vegan food. I find it to be more fascinating and impressive when a vegan protein can resemble real meat. I went vegan because I love animals, not because I didn’t like the taste of meat! I got the Hawaiian burger with a side of steamed veggies.


This burger was a mess, which lets you know it was delicious. Overall everyone approved..except the one that got the nasty vegan hot dog. It was rough, even I didn’t like it. Dessert always saves the day.


I haven’t had carrot cake in years. This was delicious. An unpictured cheesecake was also annihilated.

I’m not the only one enjoying good food. Manfriend has been busy in his kitchen creating genius meals!! He sent me these pictures and they may have sparked a bit of jealousy!


That would be a Thanksgiving inspired waffle made with stuffing, topped with cranberries, mashed potatoes, and Tofurky slices. On the right is vegan mac and cheese with spinach and roasted Brussels. Swoon.

I’ve eaten a LOT of food, so I’ve been running a lot too. Today I had an amazing 8miler, and the previous two days I had comfortable 3milers. TOMORROW I am going to my first hot yoga class with my aunt and I couldn’t be more excited!

Q: Does your family eat the same way you do? No, but everyone makes an effort to try my hippie fuel.


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