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Farmers Market, Recipe Review & Workouts

Posted Jul 23 2011 7:40pm
Vanessa from " Vanessa Runs ", called out for people to review an array of books that she had. Firstly let me just say, if you are not familiar with Vanessa and her blog, you need to head over there and check out what she has to say. I love her adventures and she is a wealth of knowledge, definately one of my favourite bloggers.

Vanessa sent over two books for me to read and review. The first one that I am reading is "Anita Stewart's Canada : The Food/The Recipes/The Stories".

I will leave the actual book review to come from Vanessa. When I submit her my review and when she posts it, I will link it over to my blog. But for now I will post brief reviews of the recipes that I will be testing.

When I started to read the book, there was one quote from Anita, "Head to the market, buy local, go home and cook with rhythms of the seasons". That quote really stuck with me. This morning I knew what I had to do, head to the farmers market.

I really enjoy St Jacobs farmers market but with an hour drive ahead of me I decided it was too nice of a day to be stuck in an air conditioned car for that long so I went to the local farmers market in Brampton, which is just the next town south of us. Yes it was much smaller but it was 15 minutes away and it left lots of pool time afterwards. Here are some fresh and colourful pictures from the farmers market this morning:

One vendor there was a local Cidery here in Caledon, Spirit Tree. I posted about them here once. We headed over there to see what delicious baked goods they had today.

Marina got an apple turnover (best part it was nut free)
Yes she really enjoyed it
And I got a whole grain mixed berry too was yummy
Recipe Review

As I am reading Anita Stewart's Canada Cookbook, I am pleased to see so many recipes that originated from my heritage and background. Yes I am Canadian but I am first generation Canadian. My parents are originally from Portugal and I was raised on Portuguese recipes being made in the home. Reading this book I was presented with many recipes that were originated from Portuguese heritage. It was a pleasant surprise so it only makes sense that the first recipe I test and review is from my Portuguese background. The first recipe is: Karen's Brazilian Black Beans & Chickpea Salad. Just incase some people may not know, Brazil was first settled by the Portuguese, hence why the language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese. I do have many family members that still live in Brazil so Brazil holds a special place in my heart. How about a little bit more history. Black bean salad is known in Brazil as Feijao Preto which is part of the national dish, Feijoada. Feijoada is a mixture of black beans and pork, made into a type of stew. It use to be the meal of the slaves, made with the pieces of the pig that nobody wanted to eat. Now a days the nicer cuts of meats are used to make this famous stew. Okay enough history, back to my recipe review.

This recipe consists of very few items so it is fast and easy to make. Chickpeas, black beans, red pepper, onion, coriander, cider vinegar, olive oil, lime and salt & ground black pepper.

I decided to pair it with very lean pork loin chops grilled on the BBQ, thought it would be a perfect match since Feijoada is made with black beans and pork. I was correct, the pairing was perfect. This salad was not just a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour but also of taste. The mixture of the lime juice and the cider vinegar is an amazing pair that really adds a tangy kick to the salad. My husband even asked what is in the salad, he absolutely loved it. I was hoping to have some leftovers for my lunch the next day because I am sure this would taste just as delicious after a day in the fridge, I was out of luck because my husband and I ate it all. I will definately be making this recipe again.


Does anyone else feel this way? Whenever I run a fair distance, such as a half marathon, I have no real desire to run for atleast a good week. That is how I have felt this week after running the Twenty Valley Challenge Weekend . Wednesday I did finally do a recovery run but it was only a 3 mile run and it was quite slow. Thursday and Friday was all about weights and abs and today was all about abs. I can never get tired of weights and abs workouts but running takes me a bit more to get into after long races. Tomorrow will probably be a rest day since we are hoping to head to the beach for the day but Monday I know I will need to get in a good run.

I will be posting more recipe reviews from Anita Stewart's Canada Cookbook so make sure you don't miss them. If they are all as good as the first recipe, we are all in for a treat!
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