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Farmer’s Market Bust & Bike Trouble

Posted May 05 2010 10:57am

I have been waiting and waiting for May to roll around so I could go here:

farmer's market sign

The Farmer’s Curb Market !!

curb market

I was shocked to find out it was in a building….I guess I had visions of tables & pop up shelters dancing around in my head.

indoor farmer's market

It got a little cuter around the side, where the actual market entrance was.

curb market building

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some fresh, local produce.

But instead, this is the scene I found. Table after lonely table. Where are all the farmers?! There were maybe 2 or 3 tables with people at them- 2 had lettuce & strawberries, and one had little doo-dad thingamabobs. I was crushed.

farmer's market

I was expecting to come home with armfuls of fresh veggies, but since that didn’t happen, I stopped at the grocery store for some salad fixings.

Spring mix lettuce, spinach, carrots, red and orange bell peppers, chickpeas, and dried cranberries with raspberry vinaigrette.


With a side of pasta dressed in hummus. Er hummus? The plan was red pepper pesto but it was moldy….so hummus it was. I mean, it’s in the same shaped container.

hummus spaghetti

It actually tasted pretty good. :)

Bad news: I can’t get my bike back until Friday if I’m lucky, but maybe Monday.

Good news: I am not the complete bike moron I thought I was.

I had my bike & chain adjusted correctly after all- apparently it’s a problem with the manufacturing!!

When Mongoose originally built my bike, they spec-ed it wrong. The bottom bracket is too long for the bike, and there is no way to get the chain properly aligned. So that’s why it fell off when I switched gears. Who knows how I rode it so long before all the trouble started.

(Yes, I ride a Mongoose for triathlons. Don’t judge. Ok judge, I can take it.)

Luckily, Mongoose is sending in a replacement piece, but it won’t get to the bike shop until Friday or Monday. Now, if only this issue had been figured out when I took my bike in for maintenance before last year’s triathlon!

Then maybe I wouldn’t have been stranded on the side of the course with a bike with wheels that wouldn’t turn!!!!!!!! AAhh!

Well, at least I decided to take it to get fixed, or else it might have happened again this year.

I have a big ride planned for Saturday, so my fingers are crossed the part comes in early!

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