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Farewell, My Delicious Yogurt Addiction. Farewell.

Posted Jan 07 2013 7:20am

Do you like yogurt?

I love yogurt. I love it so much that I recently realized that yogurt is what’s really holding me back from eating properly. It is messing up any healthy eating habits I may otherwise acquire.

No, scratch that. Yogurt is fine. It’ my yogurt parfaits that really get me.

I know it sounds ridiculous. Believe me, I know. But I’m pretty sure I’m addicted. And not the good kind of addicted.


I used to think it was a good kind of addicted. Or at least, that’s what I would tell myself. After all, Greek yogurt is freaking delicious and it’s healthy! Many bloggers would surely agree with me on this one, right Stellina ?

But yogurt is fine, actually. The real culprit here are my yogurt concoctions. My amazingly delicious yogurt parfaits. I’m not being humble here clearly but I absolutely love those creations. There are so many different ways to prepare a yogurt parfait, the options are endless.

You may already know how much I love yogurt concoctions from reading my posts. I love adding a big variety of things to it depending on my mood.

Coconut flour absorbs the moisture while adding flavor so I am able to add some almond milk or kefir to create more volume and smoothness.

PB2 adds a deliciously peanut buttery flavor and makes it even creamier.

Cocoa powder is one of my most frequent additions because I just adore chocolate.

Then I would top it with a variety of things ranging from cereal to mixed frozen fruit to nut butters. I used to also drizzle with honey until I realized the nut butter + honey combo was a trigger food for me so I use that addition less now but I still manage to find other toppings to include.

[ 2 minute autumn flavored peanut butter topped on a yogurt concoction]


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