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Far-fetched claims

Posted by Craig At Balanced Immune Health Healthy Living Professional

I've been on Wellsphere for a while now. Does it seem like more and more posts in this and other communities are spam-like? Pitching product and also making a lot of ridculous claims? (Cancer fighters, cures, etc. that wouldn't last one second under any FDA or FTC review).

Any one agree or am I off base?

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Hello Craig,


without actually being directed to the posts your referring to I could not make a relevant comment. It may very well be just as you assert.

However I personally would not use the FDA as a baseline for sanity. While subject to some governmental regulations they have ties with big pharma that are incredibly concerning and have, at very least, been inconsistent in their enforcement/positions.

While I'm not a conspiracy theorist I do have a clear view of those industries where the revenues are so gargantuan that the protection for them exceeds the best interest of the consumer.

Thanks Gordon. Certainly there are a number of angles to be aware of on this topic.  I did see that a court ruled on the side of selenium regarding qualified claims for cancer benefits, and really put it to the FDA. Will be interested to see what all emerges from this decicion.
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