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Family Time

Posted Mar 04 2013 10:27pm
After 10 long, grueling and AMAZING days, I am finally done with my 2nd 10 day session of yoga teacher training. But just like the last intensive session, I need a few days (or even a few weeks) to recuperate and relax. So that’s exactly what we ended up doing today. Since the hubs miraculously had today off, we spontaneously decided to make our way down to Wilmington Beach for a day of family fun at the North Carolina Aquarium. We unplugged and only pulled out our phone to take a few pictures, it was absolutely perfect.


We loved watching Caleb get excited about all of the new things he hasn’t seen before. Especially this hibernating albino crocodile that he couldn’t stop coming back to. Did you know that there are only 50 of them total in the entire world!? And Caleb got to see one today! Makes my heart swell :)

One of the coolest things about the Fort Fisher aquarium is that they have several touch tanks. Here I am grabbing a horseshoe crab and later both the hubs and Caleb got to pet some type of shark (can’t remember the name).

Pretty sure Caleb will have some cool stories to tell by the time he starts school ;)




After the aquarium, we made our way to our favorite beach. Because it was a pretty chilly day, there was not a single soul on the beach other than us and it was so unbelievably relaxing. It was just what we needed after the crazy month we’ve had.


There is nothing like smelling the salt, feeling sand in your toes, and a cold beachy breeze whipping your hair that makes you feel so much more alive.

So of course, I had to bust out with a yoga pose to thank the world for such a wonderful gift ;)


Unfortunately, we didn’t spend too much time at the beach since it was so cold and Caleb has been feeling a little under the weather lately. We decided to make our way to downtown Wilmington to walk the riverwalk and search for some food next.

We ended up at Fat Tony’s which is this mix of an Irish and Italian Pub. We were pretty intrigued by this concept so of course we had test it out. Plus, who doesn’t love Italian and Irish food? Combine the two and it’s game on!


It ended up being mostly Italian food but we’re not complaining. The three of us split the Porchetta Dolce and a veggie pizza and everything was SO delicious. Consider this meal reason #29304239 I am thankful not to be a vegetarian.

And of course, what would a fun day be without stopping for a cupcake? We split an angel food cake cupcake with heath buttercream before finally calling it a day.


It was just a simple day, but one that made me so much more grateful for everything we have been blessed with.

10 days may not seem like much to most people, but to me it was 10 days too long. I loved the teacher training experience (will blog about it again soon) but I only saw Caleb once this past Monday since he was asleep when I left and came home everyday. And because I came home so late every night, the hubs and I barely had time to talk to each other before passing out from complete exhaustion. I missed both of my boys so much and I missed spending quality time with them so today was the perfect day for us to really catch up with each other.

Seeing Caleb’s smile and his eyes light up at the aquarium, feeling the sand beneath my feet again, having uninterrupted conversations with my husband during the drive there and back; these are all moments that I tend to take for granted and today reminded me that there is nothing sweeter than being present in the moment so that I can clearly look back on these memories later.

Yup. It was a pretty spectacular Monday :)

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