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Family time is a GOOD time

Posted Sep 28 2010 9:58pm

My body is confused; not jetlaggedjust unsure what where it is or how it should be reacting. I’ve peed about 50 times today and my appetite is way off normal. I’ve been feeling emotional today, too, but there’s a good chance that is sleep deprivation related.

I have lots of good news to share with you!

Some good news is I was able to drink more Vitamin Water Zero today with no stomach pain, leading me to believe yesterday’s tummy ache wasn’t Truvia related after all.



More good news: We spent a lot of today with our families and will be spending the entire day tomorrow with them as well.


A mad (and long) game of Sorry! went down between J, my dad, and myself. Actually, my dad had never played before so we were teaching him as we went. He beat us!



Dad prepared a big roast and veggies in the slow cooker for lunch today. It was so delicious, but I was convinced he used a bunch of butter. My dad swears up and down he did not because “Your mom won’t let me use butter!” I believe him, but I’m still a little surprised.

My dad is a good cook, just not a healthy one. You don’t even want to imagine the amount of butter he uses to make a grilled cheese sandwich. You would faint.

The good news train continued when I checked out the new T.J. Maxx in our mall. The store is newly opened, so there were a lot of people browsing. A few tops and some workout gear caught my attention, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it today. I felt overwhelmed by all the choices after going a year without so many choices because of the language barrier.

I’m going to go back before we return a pick a few goodies up! They had larabars, though, and I bought a peanut butter cookie flavored one. I’ll let you know what I think when I try it!


Another notable purchase was this BPA-free OGGI aluminum water bottle for only $4.99. A score, if you ask me. It has a nice squirt nozzle on it that streams out really well if you hold it upside down into your mouth. J declined when I offered to get him one too, but he’s been sipping out of my pink bottle all night. I have a feeling we will be going back to get him his own.



By the time we finished shopping I was STARVING for dinner. It was only 5 p.m., but my body felt like it was more like 8 or 9 p.m. So strange. I opted for Moes , I’ve missed Mexican food and it’s good that making theirs healthy is easy. It’s also really easy to make it unhealthyjust depends on your toppings and how many chips you shove in your mouth.

Penn Station and Moe’s are right next to each other, which is lucky since my husband would rather eat dirt than Moes. Funny that our first date was here, right?


I knew there was probably no way I could finish an entire burrito, so I ordered the Joey Bag ‘O Donuts junior size. It was still a pretty good size burrito.


I asked for:

  • light on the rice
  • chicken
  • light on the cheese
  • extra pico de gallo
  • lettuce
  • onion

I ate almost all of the chips (they were surprisingly not greasy) and left the last few bites of my burrito. By that point Jeremy and I were making fun of each other for our inability to finish our meals. We agreed we’ve become eating pansies because of Japanese portion sizes.

We actually like that and have no plans to change it. It’s a good thing!




Ben and Jerry’s never lets me down. I could probably easily down the entire container, but J and I shared probably a fourth of it. We pass the spoon back and forth; when you have the spoon you have one chance to try and get a brownie before passing it off to the other person.

The good news? My sweet tooth has been keeping its own self in check. No real cravings for anything except good, fresh food. Awesome!


Okay, Pugsley says it’s bedtime because some of our family is traveling to see us tomorrow. Who am I to argue with a face like that?

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