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Falling in Love

Posted Mar 18 2013 12:06pm

I used to really dislike walking into my kitchen and seeing this..

spots Spotted bananas usually meant my family was buying more than they could consume. If you hang around me, you know wasting is not an option. These days I have fallen in love with spotted bananas. Anytime I see them I know it’s the perfect excuse to bake something.

20130317-172859 Something like banana, applesauce, almond milk, cranberry, pumpkin seed, chocolate chip, cinnamon breakfast cookies. Or as I like to call them, anytime cookies.

I used to only read school books, and even then I would only half read them. Lately I have really begun to enjoy, dare I say love reading books. I recently finished a book written by one of the most selfless people I have ever had the privilege of reading about.

20130317-172807 Kisses from Katie is one of the best books I have read in such a long time, I finished it within 5 days. What an inspiration, oh and now I want to travel to Uganda and spread the word of Jesus. Anyone that wants to fund that trip hollerr!

I used to go to yoga because it helped stretch and build muscles in my body. For at least five years this has been my yoga practice. This past week I have gone to yoga sometimes multiple times a day and I have fallen in love with not only the physical aspect, but the mental aspect as well.

20130317-172840 I have discovered something magical on that mat when it comes to quieting my mind. My thoughts have been awry this week and forcing myself to focus on the current moment has been amazing.

I used to eat popcorn with just a little bit of sea salt. Since discovering nutritional yeast my world has been rocked. I have fallen in love with this simple yet amazing..yeast.


The only problem is that a lot of the yeast falls to the bottom of my bowl..

20130317-172939 Don’t ask me how I cleaned the bowl.

I have always been in love with the power I hold over my furry children.


My treatshake brings all the cats to the yard.

Q: What have you fallen in love with this past week, month, year?


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