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Fall makes me happy

Posted Sep 07 2012 10:10pm
Home Holidays Fall makes me happy

8 comments Sep 06/12 Holidays, Home Care, Misc, Pregnancy

Right now, I am curled up on the couch with my Slanket, laptop, water, and a stack of magazines because I am sick with a nasty cold.

You’re very lucky that you cannot hear my annoying cough.

I feel pretty rotten, but the recent focus on fall everywhere from stores to blogs to commercials to magazines makes me happy.

As my personal pick-me-up, I figured that I’d make today’s post all about the things I love most about this time of year- even if it is still 80-something degrees outside, and I could easily still go swimming.



1.  Pumpkin

I just needed to get this one out there right away.  Yes- I am on the pumpkin bandwagon. Give me pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin protein pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin spice lattes, and I’m a happy girl.

This is the time when I pretty much start hoarding canned pumpkin as though it was my job.  In fact, I am pretty much a professional pumpkin hoarder at this point.  Might as put it on my resume.

Oh and aside from the awesome taste, pumpkin has amazing health benefits.  Need I say more? :)



2.  New television shows and the premieres of my old favorites

During the summer, Michael and I usually watch Family Feud, HGTV, and America’s Got Talent when all of our favorite shows are on hiatus.  I’m usually very ready for them to return by this point though, and I cannot wait for new seasons of Bayou Billionaires, Duck Dynasty, Modern Family, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, and Mike & Molly.

I’m also so excited to see Britney Spears on The X Factor!


3.  Fall scents and crisp air

I realize that plug-ins and candles emit toxins, and I’ve even done a post about it.  However, I simply cannot resist the fall scents at Bath & Body Works.  To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than lighting one of their fireside candles and sitting by…well…the fire.

I swear that the air just has a different smell and feeling altogether during the fall.  Whatever it is, I wish that I could just bottle it up.



4. The decorations

I love decorating for the fall even more than I love decorating for Christmas (which is pretty obvious if you check out my fall Pinterest board).

Michael and I always say that our house was just made for fall decorations.  Because of the earth tones throughout the house, it really does look pretty at this time of the year.  I’ve actually been forcing myself to hold back on the decorating.  I just cannot wait to put out all of my fall things!



5.  Halloween

I love Halloween and already bought a Halloween outfit for the baby (hopefully, he’ll arrive on time, so he can actually wear it).  I’m not into all of the scary decorations and movies though.  I like friendly looking ghosts, smiling pumpkins, and watching Hocus Pocus.



6.  Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie, turkey, applesauce… I love it all!  Of course, the best part is spending time with family.  Michael and I are fortunate to live near most of our immediate family, so we really get to make the rounds on Thanksgiving (which unfortunately also means eating three Thanksgiving meals).



7.  Going to the mountains and visiting orchards

We are so lucky to live near the mountains.  Nothing is more beautiful than a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall.  I love taking fall drives, admiring the scenery, and stopping off at an orchard to pick some apples and pumpkins along the way.  I’m so ready for it!



8.  The clothes

Truth be told, I am looking forward to wearing just about anything other than maternity clothes at this point in my pregnancy.  But even if I wasn’t pregnant, I can guarantee that I’d still be excited about wearing my favorite scarves and boots again.  Fall fashion is definitely my favorite of all four seasons.


Even though all of these things make me ridiculously giddy, my absolute new favorite thing about fall is the fact that my baby boy will be born during this season.  All of the pumpkin spice lattes in the world cannot compare to that if you ask me.


What is your favorite thing about the fall?  What is your favorite season? 


 It’s time for me to get some more rest. I hope you have a great day!



  1. I love Summer dresses and shorts SO much more than Fall clothes, but I always welcome the change. I hope you feel better very soon!

  2. I am fall girl through and through! LOVE it. Basically because of all of the reasons you mentioned! :) That pumpkin hat you picked out is adorable.

  3. Love your post:) I love the crisp air and heading to wine country. Have a Great Day!

  4. I hope you feel better soon! We just finished up with the summer colds in my house. Not fun.

    I cannot wait for fall tv either, but I have to watch online two days later. I am ready for Once upon a Time, Revenge, Hart of Dixie, and some other new shows that I have read about.

    I am so ready for fall temperatures too! I have a much better cool weather wardrobe than warm weather wardrobe.

    • Was Hart of Dixie canceled? I love Rachel Bilson, so it would be awesome if it returned.

      My fall wardrobe is my best wardrobe too. I just hope that I can wear some of it! :)

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