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Fake it Till You Make It Body Rock Inspired Workout

Posted Aug 16 2011 10:14am

The last couple days, I’ve definitely been using the fake it till you make it motto. Right now, my mind is occupied with a bunch of different things and it’s hard to push them to the back burner. (I’m an open book regarding issues that concern me but when they involve others, I try to keep them private.)

Yesterday afternoon I had finally hit my breaking point of being distracted and slow in getting things done and decided that I needed to do something to really wake up my body and mind. There was no way I was going to run or bike in the torrential rain so I channeled my inner Zuzana and created a killer workout using moves from these three Body Rock routines.

fake it till you make it, home gym body rock workout

Side Note: I am seriously loving that we actually have space for workouts that isn’t also our living room, office, and dining room!


Fake it Till You Make It Body Rock Inspired Workout

5 minute cardio warm up

30 reps of the following moves

  1. elevated mountain climbers (hands elevated on bench)
  2. squat with knee up twist (holding 5 pound plate)
  3. plyo lunges
  4. 1 leg squat
  5. side to side burpees with push ups
  6. 1 leg deadlift holding 10 dumb bell
  7. elevated mountain climber twist (hands elevated on bench)
  8. plyo lunges with twist (holding 5 pound plate)
  9. deadlift to press 10 lb dumb bell, place dumb bell on ground, squat hop forward and back
  10. elevated plank with side knee crunch to straight leg lift

Light weight, high reps strength strength exercises

  1. 50 body weight squats
  2. 30 military press
  3. 30 front raise
  4. 30 calf raise
  5. 30 bent over back row

5 minute cool down and stretch

Fake It Till You Make It Body Rock Inspired Workout Printable PDF

Talk about rocking my body, I had to stop three times to refill my water glass. It was pretty awesome.


This morning, I’m happy to see that the sun is peaking through the trees…

fake it till you make it sunshine peaking through

Hopefully the roads will dry off and I can fake being energetic and get out for a bike ride because I know that I’ll be glad that I did.

I would love to hear from you…

Does faking it till you make it work for you?

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