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Factual Friday

Posted Mar 29 2013 10:23pm

Happy Friday (night) or more likely by the time you read this, yay for the weekend :)

I am being a caaaarazy party animal tonight by staying in, listening to recorded Game of Thrones season 2 in the background while writing this very blog post. I have an early wake up call tomorrow morning that involves getting my babysitting on, and yeah, it’s an excuse to not venture out when I don’t particularly want to anyway. But then of course there is the anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out) that corresponds nicely with such a decision to stay in… For another time though!

I could go on about that topic for, well quite some time, and because I have been rather wordy in my last few posts, I am going with a classic list-style post. This being in the form of facts on Friday, or ya know, Factual Friday. Here we go!

Fact: I am fortunate to have every Friday off even with my busy school and work schedule, and therefore try to use my time wisely to get things done I have yet to get the chance to. Today for example, I had every intention to study for my Pharmacology exam on Monday, read for my maternity class, finish applications for some nursey positions for the summer (more on this later), respond to emails…. Instead all I did today was wake up around 10, waste time on the computer for 2-ish hours, eventually pulled by butt to the gym and errmm that’s about it. Somehow it’s 10:30 and I have managed to do next to nothing today. Excellent.


Fact: I’m 100% okay with my decidedly lazy-bum day, but will be getting things crossed off that to-do list tomorrow! (Today I managed 2 out of 13… wee!)

Fact: I saw this image on Pinterest recently and immediately felt a surge of various emotions and memories came flooding in. <–Over the top description right there.

57d52c6d6e0160038877bf11f2957b88 Zelda. Specifically Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64, CLEARLY the best Zelda version out there, am I right?! Don’t argue with me on this one ;) So if I love this game, why the unnecessary narrative sentences to portray my feelings? Between my brother Tucker and I, we have likely lost months and months of our lives to this video game… hours and hours spent conquering the overly-complicated mazes, puzzles, tricks, and opponents that this game put you through. There would be times this game made me and my brother SOOOOO MAD, yet we couldn’t stop… had-to-rescue-Zelda! Plus when I first started out “playing” aka watching my brother play, I made him continue the game until he grew up and Epona became Link’s horse.


I hope someone here knows what the heck I am talking about here, and appreciates it :)

Fact: Speaking of Pinterest… there is one another way I occupied my time today. By rearranging nearly all of my boards and splitting up the gagillion dessert recipes into their respective categories. This too much longer than I care to admit and yes, I do indeed need a life.


Fact: I was paroozing the Whole Foods near me the other day, Wednesday to be precise as this is free sample day there, and was wandering down the cracker/cookie aisle when I spotted THESE, and shuddered with distress.


I actually didn’t know these were sold anymore because the last time I went to buy them, 2-ish years ago, they were gone and I flipped a sh*t. Now why on earth would I display an “appetite control cracker”?! Because these crispbreads and me go WAY BACK to you guessed it, the very dark, disordered times of my life. With a claim to control hunger, provide me with a crap-ton of fiber in each serving all while having an extremely low calorie count, I swore by these back in those days…. going through a pack in 4 days or so, convincing myself they were oh-so-tasty.

You know what though? They are NASTY, quite literally like eating card board that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth, your cheeks and makes swallowing a bit difficult without some water nearby. I would spread them with sugar-free jam and call it a satisfying, healthy snack, all while cringing with every bite. Never ever again, it’s stuff like this that reminds me of why I choose to never go back to that time of my life.

Fact: After my trip to Whole Foods, I went to CVS to get some last-minute Easter candy for Sunday and walked out with this bad boy:


Butterfinger Egg, umm yes please. Sure that tinge of reluctance, anxiety, guilt, (insert negative emotion here), when I was debating eating this delightful candy… plus OMGzzzz it was the middle of the day, chocolate this early, do I dare?! Why yes, yes I do, take THAT cardboard tasting, way-too-much fiber “crispbreads!” To anyone that actually enjoys those things, errm sorry to take such offense to the product ;)

Fact: I love the holidays for many reasons and a major one is when holiday-themed candy starts to make its appearance. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, I love it all and who’s with me in saying that for some reason, the candy in sed themed packages taste that much better? Case in point, the above Butterfinger Egg, more sweetness-awesome-overload than usual. Reeses PB Eggs? Much more peanut butter in those! And M&Ms with colored with pastels are just more delightful to eat, plain and simple.


Fact: Thursday I had my first Maternity clinical day and I am genuinely psyched for this rotation! I really and truly want to see BIRTH and the miracle that it is… I am not squeamish in the slightest either, so I know I am ready for such an experience. I will have the opportunity to tend to newborns each day I’m there- take vitals, distribute medication, change and keep them warm, feed them if the mother is not able to, and various other tasks I am sure to encounter.
And again, witness (hopefully more than one) a real-life birth! Our instructor told us that we will all likely see at least one Cessarean section as well, it seems this year that more and more women are opting for this, or it is necessary to (in this particular area). On our first day we toured the maternity ward, the special care nursery, and the OR.


photo(28) Selfies In the OR sporting the safe attire. Sure why not? Fact: As you may or may not know from a few posts ago, I once again bombed a nursing exam leaving my overall average in a rather dangerous spot… aka even more so in the fail zone. I have talked to my professors who say there is plenty of time and opportunities to pull my grade up and that apparently, the maternity tests are easier. I’m guessing this is because they will be less abstract and vague than in pedi, less room for vast interpretation of the answers, of course me focusing on the WRONG one a majority of the time. While of course I am going to continue studying my life away, I am holding tightly onto the possibility of easier tests, ones where my effort will actually pay off. It would be real nice not to fail out of the program. Understatement of the century right there. 

Not even going there.

Fact: It’s official, I do NOT like Kale, there I said it! The holy-lawd of greens, the super food we all “have” to eat in order to have great skin, lose weight, whatever else. Well ya know what, it’s yucky, tastes like dirt, and makes me gag a bit when I even think about eating it. I suppose this extreme reaction is occurring because I made something the other day with kale as a major component and yeah, recipe fail on all levels, I’ll just leave it at that. Perhaps I am cooking it wrong but bitter, dirt greens are not my thing.

I feel ya lady. I feel ya lady.

Fact: I have quite the obsession with all things Titanic. It’s an event in history that I found incredibly fascinating, albeit tragic. I love learning about the people’s and their lives who were on board, the making and layout of the ship, the furniture, food, states of the three class levels, what exactly happened that night… The movie certainly spurs my interest to this topic and the fact that Leonardo Dicaprio is in it lookin REAL GOOD, doesn’t hurt either. (Leo= first celeb crush, I know we still have a chance). But anyway, to continue my crazy for audio books, I am currently listening to Voyagers of the Titanic, Passengers, Sailors, Shipbuilders, Aristocrats, and the Worlds They Came From.


Enjoyable so far, learning much more than I previously knew. Will let you know what my overall thoughts were when I’m finished!

We're destined to be together. We’re destined to be together.

Fact: I am PSYCHED for Easter on Sunday! Like last year, I will be venturing to the Cape to spend the holiday with my sister-in-law’s family who I absolutely adore. I had such a fun time last year and once again, an epic easter egg hunt will be happening… my competitive nature will be unleashed in full force ;) Outta my way! Easter is another holiday that will test my thoughts and feelings in some ways, but it’s also an addition chance to enjoy the day, the people I am with, and yes the food, without having those toxic thoughts creep in. Such gatherings are always hard for me, yet they continue to be less so each and every time…

I realize how much I care for those I am with, how the food will not make be gain xx pounds overnight, and that’ its just one day to celebrate and be with these people, make the most of it and don’t use your brain power to control every single decision you make. Don’t let the memories you take away from the holiday be all about you and your decisions, not even remembering what really went on the entire day. It’s such a waste of time, energy, life.

I’ll end with this quote. It goes along with what I said above, plus they are wise words to listen and adhere to.


 -Are there any events in history that you find yourself fascinated by more than others? Or perhaps not interested in history? American was my favorite to learn about back in high school… I found Euro way too confusing with all of the religion battles and kings having the same names, how many Henry’s are there again? Other reasons too haha

-Are there any foods that cue particular bad memories or bring a negative feeling about? Not necessarily eating disorder related.

-I feel compelled to ask such a question so close to Easter, what is your most favorite Easter Candy? Or candy in general if you’re not celebrating the holiday!

-What are your plans for Easter Sunday? Any egg hunts occurring? For the adults I mean ;) To anyone not celebrating, anything of interest happening for you this weekend?

See you all Monday and if not then, soon after! Enjoy your weekend and Easter! :D

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